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Case Studies

Every Production Room has its particularities. Find out how some of our clients are using the NScan & NShot Systems to increase productivity, reduce costs and digitize.


The NScan Premium Scanner, NShot-Pro Camera and NShot-Lite solutions are being used worldwide by thousands of companies that care about quality. Our systems can cover all digitizing scenarios, and are compatible with all major CAD and CAM systems. Even people with little or no computer experience can learn how to use our systems. 

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Case Studies Highlights:


uses the NScan & NShot

London College of Fashion

uses the NScan & NShot

Kellwood Apparel

Gerber Accumark

5 NScans & 1 NShot


Aerospace Corporation



uses the NScan

with Optitex CAD.

American Leather

Upholstery & Leather Goods. 


Intimate Apparel

Lectra & Gerber


Toys & Stuffed Animals


Steel Manufacturing

Create a Marker

Grading & Marker Making 

Service Company

BlackDuck Seats



Warnaco & CK

HNI Furniture

Lectra & AutoCAD


Automotive Parts

Air New Zealand

Aviation/Tooling Parts

Hunter Douglas

Custom Window

Shades, blinds, drapery and shutters.

IFA Paris | Foundry

New Fashion Tech Lab

2D & 3D Pattern Making, Printing, Body Scanning, 

Glass Door

Crystal Glass

Glass and Mirror

Digitizing XL Templates & Patterns

To come...

Group Photo in Photo Booth

Yeeze Apparel

Tukatech & DXF files

To come...

Teacher Assisting a Student

University of

East London

Lectra, Optitex, Gerber

To come...


Meddev South Africa

Medical Equipment

To come...

Footwear patterns

Archies Footwear

High quality Arc support flip flops

To come...


Northwest Glass

Glass Parts

Coming soon!

Rebecca Taylor
Urban Outfitters
Viridian Glass
Contender UK
Rag & Bone

Fast & Reliable

Rebecca Taylor Pattern Digitizing Case Study

Rebecca Taylor is a womenswear brand based in New York City. The brand is inspired by beauty in the everyday with an emphasis on signature prints, dimensional texture and modern nostalgia, the collection cultivates a look of romantic fragility with a sophisticated edge.

Until last year, the company was working with a manual digitizing table to import their styles to their Gerber CAD system. This made the work of the pattern manager laborious and slow. To solve the issue of productivity, the company adopted the NScan Automatic Pattern Digitizer.

Since the NScan writes native Accumark files, The styles can be scanned directly from the NScan to the Accumark storage areas. Instead of taking a few hours to digitize a long dress, the pattern maker is taking less than half of the time to export the paper samples to the CAD software now. 

The current pattern manager have actually used the NScan system in another well known fashion company. We are glad he can once again take advantage of the NScan Premium Digitizer scanner system.


The Rebecca Taylor collection is available at Rebecca Taylor boutiques and at as well as high-end department and specialty stores worldwide. 

Network Capabilities/

Multiple Licenses / Multiple Locations

Charter Furniture Pattern Digitizing Case Study

Charter Furniture uses the NShot-Pro for Lectra and AutoCAD. They are a leading manufacturer of upholstery seating for the hospitality trade. With factories in North Carolina and Southern California, the company caters to clients all over the US and world. Their in house design and engineering team are able to assist in the development of items best suited to meet design intent while manufacturing product which is able to withstand the rigors of hospitality use.

The deployment of the NShot-Pro system was lead by Charter Furniture Engineer Manager. The company was physically transporting their patterns between factories which slowed down production and decreased effective communication. 


The NShot-Pro system now connects two different factories locations (the company has a Main License and a Terminal License that connects via the network). This allows their production and manufacturing team to save time and increase quality. Patterns that are digitized in one location can be easily shared with other users electronically via the server or email. 


Since the NSho-Pro saves the image of the original pattern as well, the production engineers can alsoo double check the original template with the digital format without having to look at the physical pattern. Charter Furniture has also acquired the NEstimate-Manual marker making for basic material estimates.

Easy to Use & Accurate. 

Apparel Pattern Digitizing Case Study

American multinational Urban Outfitters replaced their table digitizer with the NScan system for Optitex CAD to support their Pattern Makers and Technical Design team.


Before having the NScan system, the simply task of vectoring pattern drawings to their Optitex CAD would take several hours. The task of digitizing was also being outsource from the TD team to the Pattern team since using a digitizing table often requires specific skills and repetitive tasks. 

The NScan system is currently being used by both the Pattern Room team and the Technical Designers.

Many of the Pattern Room & Technical Design users are veteran NScan users from other well known Apparel companies.

Thank you Urban Outfitters for choosing the NScan System!

Flexible. High Definition Images. 

Viridian Glass Pattern Digitizing Case Study

Viridian Glass is a Glass company in New Zealand. They make custom made glass parts for their clients. A technician normally goes on location to trace the shape of the client patterns on a cardboard paper or transparent plastic. This cardboard paper or transparent plastic is brought to the digitizer person which takes a picture with the NShot-Pro. After the pattern is digitized with the NShot-Pro, the technician saves it as AutoCAD dxf file and send it to a cutter to be cut.


Besides tracing client patterns on paper and plastic, Viridian Glass also receives patterns made by their clients. These patterns come in all shapes and qualities. 

Viridian Glass management team chose the NShot-Pro because of its flexibility (can digitize multiple types of patterns including transparent plastic marked with a sharpie) and reach. Because they are in the glass industry their patterns can be very large.

All Major CAD and CAM  formats.

Multiple Users & Capabilities.

London College of Fashion Pattern Digitizing Case Study

London College of Fashion & Central Saint Martin are considered the leading global providers of fashion education, research and consultancy. They have been voted the best fashion schools by several publications around the world.

The College has been using the N-hega systems since 2004 and was one of the first to see the importance of technology and modernization on the production process of the garment industry. 


LCF focuses on the future, striving constantly to expose their students and members to the most advanced technologies and processes while encouraging creativity and business savviness.

The college currently have 3 NScan systems and a NShot-Pro camera system. LCF N-hega systems have all file formats including native Lectra & Accumark, Optitex, Tuka, AutoCAD, Assyst, Illustrator and DXF.

“With so many different Computer Aided Design options available in the market, the advantages of a software that can communicate with all major design softwares is crucial for educational institutions… Many of our educational partners have multiple CAD systems and appreciate the fact that our NScan can output to them all.”  - Davi Geiger, Co-founder of Nhega Technology.

Software Customization for different industry standards. 

Irvin Automotive Pattern digitising case study

Irvin Automotive is a leading producer of automotive trim products, including seat covers, headrests, cargo shades, center and door armrests, sun visors and bolsters. Strategically located in Michigan, the company has a manufacturing footprint of over 360,000 sq. ft and a Design and Development center of about 15,000 sq. ft. 

Equipped with cutting edge technology, Irvin currently has 10 cutters (Lectra/Gerber) and 450 ton Bruno presses, one main NScan Scanner Digitizer, and seven NScan Terminal licenses.


The NScan digitizing system used by Irvin was specially tailored for their needs. During the research process, the head engineer at Irvin traveled from Michigan to New York to test and work on the details of the customization. After a month of work, we were able to provide the company with an intelligent system that was capable to identify the peculiarities of their patterns.

Irvin is part of the Piston Group umbrella. All of its facilities proudly display TS 16949-2009 and SO 14001-2004 Certificates of Achievement

Better Communication

between Factories. 

Appareline pattern digitising case study


Appareline uses the NShot-Pro system in their design and sample room location in New York and also in its factory location in China.


Before acquiring our digitizing system, the company was physically mailing their styles back and forth between factories for corrections. This process slowed down production time and also introduced many opportunities for miscommunication/error.


With the NShot-Pro, Appareline can now simply e-mail a DXF Optitex file or a NS File (NShot File) to their factories and have a response regarding corrections almost immediately. The development process of a season can now be successfully completed in almost half of the time it used to take.


Since Appareline patterns are being saved electronically in multiple file formats, the company no longer needs to worry about mailing costs and misplacement of original designs.


Appareline pattern maker had never used a computer software before but became proficient on the NShot-Pro software in less than 2 weeks. The experience with the NShot-Pro software also helped her get familiar with the Optitex CAD software.

All Kinds of Patterns

Materials and Sizes.

Marine Pattern Digitizing Case Study

The legendary Cigarette Racing Team,  considered one of the most iconic brands in high performance boating, was founded by Donald Aronow in 1969. The company provides boats specifically geared to its customer bespoke tastes, with models ranging from 38-50’.

This Miami-based company uses high technology as well as hands-on artisanal approaches to develop their design and pieces. Their engineers and production teams balances the art of craftsmanship with the precision afforded by advanced, next-gen technology. Always on the lookout to innovate, the company has acquired the NShot-Pro Software system. The NShot-Pro is installed  in a room designed specifically for the digitizing of large boats.

The NShot-Pro can cover large digitizing areas with high accuracy. The system also comes with many parameters for customization which is perfect for companies that have all types of patterns ranging from plastic, wood, metal and paper.

Only the best Hardware Systems.

PVH Digitizing Case Study

PVH Warnaco reached out to Nhega to replace their existing scanner digitizer.


The system they were using to digitize was inaccurate, slow and difficult to use. The Technical Designer complained that although the shape of the patterns were captured in just a few seconds, the software scanner would also identify millions of internal lines, making the processing of clean up and editing very difficult.

The TD responsible for implementing the NScan had used the N-hega system in another company before so she knew that the scanner and software they had  was not optimal. After acquiring the NScan system to replace their other scanner software the TD team have reported that the digitizing is much easier.


The NScan comes with advanced algorithms that automatically identify the important elements of a pattern while ignoring scribes/markings. What makes a scanner digitize patterns well is a combination of powerful well designed hardware and software with intelligent algorithms.

Intimate Apparel Pattern Digitizing

Intimate Apparel patterns are small and for this reason it requires high accuracy/precision.  A small mistake that could be considered minimal for other production industries can entirely change the fit and feel of an intimate apparel style. Because of the high demand for quality in the Intimate Apparel industry, Wacoal Group adopted the NShot-Pro digitizing System for digitizing. The system has been connected to Gerber and Lectra CAD systems and it is used by two departments (the Technical Designer sample room department and also the Material Estimates/costing marker department).

Steiff, a German based push toy company known for its meticulous testing and inspections of its products, uses the NScan Patterns digitizing system. Since most of Steiff patterns are small they opted for the A3 flatbed scanner. 

The company chose the NScan system because of its superior accuracy, user friendliness and compatibility with Assyst CAD systems. 

The most common materials used in Steiff toys are alpaca, felt, mohair, and woven plush. A large amount of the work is done by hand, from design sketches to airbrushed paint. 

Contender UK is a world leader in fabrics for the sailmaking industry and has grown into a major supplier of "best in class" fabrics and hardware products for cover making, structural and architectural work, as well as for sailmaking.

Known for using the best technology, the owner of the company reached out to N-hega seeking a flexible and easy to use Pattern Digitizer to complement its cutting service.

After comparing the NScan system with other products (such as cameras & digitizing boards) and running several tests with their patterns, Contender UK acquire an NScan Digitizing System.

The company built an in house table and system to complement the NScan scanner and to cater to their very long patterns/templates. 

Eurofoam has two NScan Scanner digitizers in different locations. After a successful implementation of one system in Germany, the Engineering team decided to install another station in Czech Republic.

Since product quality and accuracy is very important for Eurofoam, they only use the best machines in its factories. They chose the NScan because of speed, accuracy and support service.

The company was founded in 1992 and has over 36 companies operating in 12 countries. Euroforam uses the NScan to digitize patterns for Mattresses, Upholstery, Automotive, Packaging, Medicine, Leisure and Technical Applications.

Multiple Users. Automatic Process.

Award winning Fashion Company Rag & Bone uses the NShot-Pro software. They have the Professional Camera set up on the ceiling facing down on their drafting table. When the NShot is not in use, the pattern team uses the table space for pattern making. One of the reasons the company opted for the NShot-Pro system was because it occupies less space and can be easily transportable. Before acquiring the NShot system, Rag & Bone was using a digitizing table. During peak season use (before fashion week), the pattern managers would waste hours digitizing styles that can now be digitized in less than a few minutes with the NShot-Pro. The NShot-Pro can capture the cutline as well as internal drawings automatically in seconds. For a High end company like Rag & Bone, line quality and precision are essential.

True to Size Vector and Image Archival

Taylor's Creative Inc acquired the NShot-Pro to digitize their existing pattern archival.


Since they make custom made furniture for clients, every pattern and design they make is unique. Even thought the company still keeps their paper archival on their warehouse, the digital format helps the company keep their creations organized and safe.


Now, instead of pulling an old style to manually copy and do modifications, the company can simply open the digital format  of the pattern and manipulate the shape with the NShot-Pro basic CAD tools. Taylor's creative save theirs files in DXF, JPEG and NS files. They work with companies in the US and Europe.

ArcelorMittal Mines Canada, the world’s largest steel producer, uses the NScan Premium Digitizing System. The company was ranked 123 in the 2017 Fortune Global 500 ranking of the world’s biggest corporations. 


The NScan System is currently being used at the Welding and Machining Department by the engineering design team. The automated system is replacing a CNC cutter table pen digitizer and the main goal of the company is to increase productivity. 


Before acquiring the NScan, every time the engineers needed to digitize a pattern they had to send it to the Graphic designer or manually retrace it with the CNC pen Digitizer. With the NScan system ArcelorMittal can just scan their cardboard, metal and paper patterns and in second have a digital vector and picture of their templates.

Since after digitizing the engineering team normally send the digitized files directly to the cutter, the NScan basic CAD tools are also being used for simple pattern modification. Instead of adjusting the 2D templates manually or opening it on a CAD to edit it, the engineers can now digitize, edit and save the files as a DXF in one single environment - the NScan.

Scanner Digitizer for Patterns
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