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"Kellwood Apparel replaced

15 digitizing tables

with five NScan scanners

and one NShot Camera."

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N-hega Fashioning Intelligent Technology used by one of the most important fashion houses in the US.

Kellwood Apparel is one of the leading apparel manufacturers in the United States. The company  designs, manufactures, and markets a growing collection of premier fashion brands across a broad range of consumer lifestyles including Briggs NY, Democracy, Jolt, My Michelle, and XOXO.


When Nhega first approached Kellwood Apparel, the company had 15 manual digitizing tables. After testing the NScan system at one of their facilities, the PDS CAD manager decided to add one NScan system to help speed up the digitizing and sampling process. After a successful first implementation, Kellwood replaced the remaining manual digitizing tables with 5 other Nhega digitizing systems. The Nhega digitizers are connected directly to Kellwood's Gerber Accumark CAD system.

"I have worked at Kellwood Western region for the past 10 years and added the Nhega software to our inventory. 

This is the fastest way to bring patterns into any Pattern design system. It also has many other functionality that enhance the PDS files. Here at Kellwood we replaced the 15 digitizing tables with 5 Nhega scanners (NScan) and 1 Nhega camera scanner (NShot Pro).


We have 75 pattern-makers and are growing adding new divisions every year. All our pattern-makers will tell you that the Nhega digitizing software is the greatest enhancement the Apparel industry has seen in many years."


Michael C.

PDS CAD System Administrator/ Kellwood Company.

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