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Nhega Technology is used by the most reputable companies around the world. We serve the Apparel & Fashion, Furniture, Automotive, Boat, Glass, Flexible Material, Composites, Medical and other industries that manufacture.


Nhega specializes in Automatic Digitization of patterns with a Camera & Scanner. Thousands of companies are using the NScan & NShot solutions to cut costs, save time and improve the production workflow. Our customers look for simplicity, efficiency and cutting edge technology when working with us. 


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Central Saint Martins NScan
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Tory Burch
Automotive Patterns
Carson Hospitality uses the NShot Pattern Digitizer
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versace NScan Pattern digitizer.png
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Customers Testimonials

Find out what leading companies are saying about N-hega's products:

Briggs New York
Carsil Venere
Confezione Simmy
Confezioni Iole
Cristina Natale
Cutting Edge
David Meister
Dorby Group
Emanuel Ungaro

Delta Galil

Anglo Patterns

Pierre Studio

Equipe Produzione Moda
Estampaciones Artesanas
Fk Demo
Gerber’s Childrenswear
Grade Line
Herline Style
Imax Spa
Incor 3
Interfashion Spa


Lane Furniture
Le Bonitas
Le Chateau
Modes Technology
My Michelle
Northern Isles

Oscar De La Renta


Phat Fashions
Ryerson University
Sag Harbor
Snyder Paper
Tassi E Vellani
Vanity Fair
Zama Sport Spa



Increase in Productivity                     Improvement in Speed                      Accurate and Efficient

​"The NScan has proven to be a true asset to our product development teams.

N-hega's system has provided us with a significant improvement in processing speed as compared to our old digitizing system. We also anticipate a shorter learning curve for any new users.

With N-hega's support, our multi-office implementation of the NScan system was flawless."

Bruce S.
Directory of Product Technology, VF Intimates

Vanity Fair Corporation

"The NScan has lived up to all our expectations. It is creating great efficiencies, allowing us to significantly improve the speed and accuracy of our digitizing."

Mario W.

Manager of Marking and Grading, 


"I have worked at Kellwood Western region for the past 10 years and added the Nhega software to our inventory. 

This is the fastest way to bring patterns into any Pattern design system. It also has many other functionality that enhance the PDS files.


Here at Kellwood we replaced the 15 digitizing tables with 5 Nhega scanners and 1 Nhega camera scanner.


We have 75 pattern-makers and are growing adding new divisions every year.

All our pattern-makers will tell you that the Nhega digitizing software is the greatest enhancement the Apparel industry has seen in many years."


Michael C.

PDS CAD System Administrator.
Kellwood Company.

Easy to Use                                            Higher Quality                                           Trusted

Anglo Apparel Service 

"From what we've seen of the Nhega system so far, there is no comparison with hand-digitizing. The Nhega system is about 3 to 5 times faster and delivers far superior shape. This greatly improves the productivity of the pattern makers, reducing the time they need to spend digitizing and correcting errors. Not surpinsingly, the pattern makers that have used the system prefer the scanning system to digitizng tables.


The Nhega system has proven itself tremendously useful at Banana Republic. It should bring enourmous productivity gains to any company who currently digitizes by hand."


Dunca M.

Head Patternmaker/Banana Republic.

"We have been extremely impressed with the N-hega's system....The N-hega system digitizes about 3 times faster (than the digitizing table), and consistently produces higher quality output."

"For grading companies, these features translate into immediate benefits."

"As the shapes of the digitized pieces are more accurate, the N-hega system would allow a company to produce higher quality results in less time."

Kenneth Mirfield 


Anglo Apparel Service Inc.

"The NScan has had a great impact on our productivity. Though the NScan's speed is clearly superior to that of a digitizing table, what we have found particularly impressive is the NScan’s accuracy.

"It is far more precise and consistent than a digitizing table or any of the old scanning systems. When we digitize using the NScan, we know that the patterns will be true to the original shape every time, which is tremendously beneficial to our operation."

George S.
Vice President of Production, GAV

Calvin Klein Women's

     Innovative                                                  Automatic                                            Flexible

"The NScan is a major improvement over the digitizing table! The amount of time it saves is priceless. It is easy to use, very accurate and makes our job a lot easier."


Ken B.
NScan Operator

Liz Claiborne

"I purchased my NScan software a year ago. It is the best tool for inputting pattern pieces. 


When I go on site to work with a company as a freelance pattern maker, it is difficult to 
go back to manually digitizing a pattern in to the system." 

Debora T.

Pattern-maker Freelancer

"The NScan is a major improvement over the digitizing table! the amount of time it saves is priceless. It makes the job a lot easier".

Kenneth Bautista

​Digitizing Technician

Ellen Tracy

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