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Sail Boat

Contender UK, 

a world leader in fabrics for the sailmaking industry,

uses the NScan Premium Scanner Digitizer.

Changing the Marine industry with automatic digitizing solutions.


The NScan Premium Scanner Digitizer at Contender UK.

Contender UK is a world leader in fabrics for the sailmaking industry and has grown into a major supplier of "best in class" fabrics and hardware products for cover making, structural and architectural work, as well as for sailmaking.

Known for using the best technology, the owner of the company reached out to N-hega seeking a flexible and easy to use Pattern Digitizer to complement its cutting service.

After comparing the NScan system with other products (such as cameras & digitizing boards) and running several tests with their patterns, Contender UK acquire an NScan Digitizing System.

The company built an in house table and system to complement the NScan scanner and to cater to their very long patterns/templates. 

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