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For  over  40  years,  Crane  Interiors  has  been  producing  marine  upholstery  and  soft trim for the premiere manufacturers of world class pleasure craft.
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Technology Forward marine companies.

On a mission to perfect marine upholstery design with technology innovation and craftsmanship in the US and beyond, Crane Interiors acquire the NScan Scanner digitizer premium high definition system to work along their CAD software & cutting machines. The NScan made in New York City is 5 times faster and more precise than other camera and manual digitizers.

ABOUT: Crane  Interiors  has  been  providing marine upholstery to boat manufacturers since 1984. It originated from the purchased assets of Crane Manufacturing, formed  in 1972,  and has grown to be one of the leading suppliers to OEMs in the USA. In  1984  the new  owners  changed  the  company  focus  to  offer  highest quality  products, most reliable delivery, and exceptional service to its customers.  The  company’s  philosophy changed  from  being  just  a  supplier to being a partner in serving  its  customers, taking  a  leading  role  in being  “part  of the solution” should any issues arise. As a result of this new mission, Crane’s customer base shifted  to the world-class boat builders. In  1988,  the  owners  of  Crane  Interiors  purchased  Browns Manufacturing Company, a successful  tier 1  supplier  of  soft  trim  to  the  heavy  truck  market.   The  expertise  required  to serve this  industry, such as engineered  products, JIT deliveries,  ISO/QS-9000  quality,  and  Information  Systems  was transferred to Crane’s interactions in the marine market. In 1989,  the company with its  key employees moved from  Nashville  to  its new  facility  in  Woodbury, TN. The Crane team combines new technologies  with “true  hand  craftsmanship”  to  produce  top  of  the line  marine upholstered products that are functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

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NScan Premium Scanner Digitizer for Patt

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