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Flexfab LLC (aerospace/automotive) is using the NScan Scanner Digitizer with Solidworks and Gerber C

Flexfab (aerospace/automotive) is using the NScan Automatic Software for Pattern Digitizing with SolidWorks CAD and Gerber Cutting machines. The company uses cutting edge technology to insure that their Engineering Design services are at a level of excellence that is unsurpassed. Their Research and Development laboratory continually looks for new and innovative ways to support their customers and also the industry ever changing requirements.

The digitizing project, which was led by FlexFab CAD supervisor, aims to speed up the sample making and production process by cutting unnecessary steps on the pattern making approval process while increasing accuracy.

FlexFab was manually retracing their paper patterns into a vector file using scans/pictures. The process was long and laborious. Now that the NScan system is in place, the pattern makers can create the patterns and digitize them directly to the network to be shared with the CAD room.

Flexfab is a global leader in the manufacture of high performance silicone and other advanced polymer products. Their World Class manufacturing facilities are located in the United States, Europe, South America and China.

Flexfab quality accreditation includes: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO/TS 16949; the company's main focus is to provide excellence in all aspects of their business.

Here are pictures of our research visit to their main manufacturing facility in Michigan:


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