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NScan pattern digitizer​, the world's fastest way to digitize.

                                                                                                                                                       The principle attributes of the NScan are guaranteed accuracy; network/emailing capabilities; and the capacity to support multiple users with a single scanner which facilitates growth and the possibility of expedient interactions between factories in different locations. The NScan is considered the best digitizing system available on the market by industry experts. It is used by the most reputable companies around the world.

The NScan scanner is the world's first effective automated pattern digitizing system.

NScan Pattern Digitizer Scanner
Best Automatic Digitizer for CAD

Contex Scanner HD 4210


Using the NScan is simple. Place multiple pattern pieces or markers inside a vinyl sleeves and feed them into the wide format scanner. After the patterns go through the scanner, the pieces are automatically vectorized and each image immediately appears on your computer screen.

The NScan software automatically identifies every relevant line, corner, notch and grain line, while intelligently ignoring scribbles and markings.


Your pattern pieces are already digitized!


After the patterns are digitized, users can make adjustments to the digital patterns using the intuitive NScan CAD software editing tools.

Some of the NScan editing tools include: 

combine pieces, mirror pieces, smooth and straighten lines, add notches, drill holes, create seamlines, grading numbers and much more. 

Since every pattern room is different, the NScan comes with customizable pattern settings that can be adjusted according to the users needs. 


The NScan is compatible with all major CAD/CAM systems, including Accumark

(Gerber), Optitex, Lectra (IBA and MDL), ASTM, DXF, AAMA, Illustrator, Micromark, Polygon, Audaces, Investronica, Tukatech, IMA Genius, Assyst, FK, Moda01, Rhino, SolidWorks, Gemini, Cutworks, StyleCAD, PAD, CATIA, Browzwear, Clo3D and AutoCad. The NScan can also export HPGL/Plot, PDF and JPEG files.

After you are finished digitizing your patterns are saved on your local computer or network, and can be easily opened in your existing CAD/CAM software, Cutter, Plotter and CNC machine.


The NScan pattern digitizing system allows users to digitize up to 5 times faster than the digitizing table & other digitizers. Even complex patterns pieces are digitized in seconds. A Jacket or Sofa that takes 2 hours to be digitized on a digitizing table can be completed in less than 10 minutes with the NScan Premium.

The NScan pattern digitizing software can accept pieces as quickly as you can put them in the scanner. Users can place multiple pieces in the same plastic sleeve and the NScan will separate and identify them automatically.


The NScan offers a high level of accuracy. The NScan is accurate to within 1/100 of an inch, far more exact than even the most precise human digitizers. When you digitize with the NScan and follow the best practices, you can be assure that your patterns will be digitized exactly as submitted.

The NScan never strays from the line and never gets tired. So digitizing errors are virtually eliminated.


The NScan is very easy and intuitive. The system interface is simple and can be quickly learned even by those with little or no computer experience.

The NScan can be integrated quickly into your operation to immediately start improving your productivity and lowering your costs.

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NScan Pattern Digitizer Software System

NScan - Pattern Digitizing with a scanner.

User Award Winner

The NScan Contex Hardware scanner is the only wide format product to be voted Top Product by Wide-Format Imaging users for three consecutive years.

Computer Requirements

Minimum: 8 GB RAM, Intel I5, 10GB+ HD space, Windows XP/7/8/9/10, and three-button mouse. Internet access is recommended, but not required.

Highly Recommended: 16 GB RAM or higher, Intel I7 or I9, 20GB+ HD space, Windows 10/11, and three-button mouse. Internet access is recommended, but not required.

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Pattern Digitizing software NScan

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Some of our Customers​:

Urban Outfitterts Fashion Pattern Digitizers Fast
PVH Apparel and Fashion CAD/CAM Digitizer
3.1 PLim CAD digitizer Cutter
JCI Automotive and Composites Pattern Digitizer
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Ralph Lauren Production Room
CAD/CAM Digitizer Templates
Hanes Brands Pattern Digitizing Production
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NScan Scanner Installations

NScan Videos:

Simply the Best Digitizer:

Fastest way to Digitize Patterns:

Overlay Tool after Pattern Digitilization


The Overlay Tool allows for more details to be provided on pattern pieces and gives a clearer idea on the final product. This tool helps minimize errors in the sampling and production process. 



*Automatic Pattern Digitization with a Camera or Scanner is a Patented Invention By N-hega LLC. 







More than a Digitizer

The Overlay Tool & Mini Marker


The NScan Overlay Tool lets users scan a design or fabric and superimpose the image behind patterns.

These superimposed pieces can be sent directly to the design department and overseas manufacturers (as an individual JPEG or as a mini marker PDF of the style).







Superior & Simple

The NScan is the Fastest &

Most Accurate way to Digitize

The NScan is used by major companies around the world. It is considered the best pattern digitizer available on the market. It was designed by two award winning NYU professors of AI & computer science that also have a background in manufacturing.


The NScan system consists of a HD high resolution scanner and the NScan software. The system has been voted best wide format scanners for 3 consecutive years.



Overlay Example: Superimposed Fabric Print on Patterns.

The HD Scanners:

Contex HD Ultra X: 42" or 60" High Definition Scanner.

The Contex HD Ultra Scanner comes in two width sizes: 42" or 60" & Unlimited length capability.

Contex HD NScan Scanner Digitizer for Patterns
Contex FlatBed NScan Scanner Digitizer for Patterns

Contex Iflex FlatBed: A2/C Size High Definition Scanner.

The Contex Iflex FlatBed Scanner can digitize any shape or size up to A2/C-size & even documents up to A1/D-size

Oversize patterns? No problem!

The NScan software comes with a special "oversize" tool that let users digitize oversize patterns that are larger than 42 or 60 inches in both width and length. This combine tool also works with the A2/C scanner.

Pattern Digitizing
nscan scanner contex hd ultra
Accurate Pattern Digitizing
Conted scanner High Definition


NScan Installations:

NScan Scanner Digitizer
Urban Outfitterts Fashion Pattern Digitizers Fast
NScan Scanner Digitizer
NScan Scanner Digitizer
Urban Outfitterts Fashion Pattern Digitizers Fast
NScan Scanner Digitizer
Urban Outfitterts Fashion Pattern Digitizers Fast
NScan Scanner Digitizer
CAD/CAM Digitizer Templates
NScan Scanner Digitizer
Urban Outfitterts Fashion Pattern Digitizers Fast
Pattern Digitizing
NScan Scanner Digitizer
NScan Scanner Digitizer
LCF NScan Pattern digitizer
NScan Scanner Pattern Digitizer
NScan Pattern Digitizing Scanner at Polo Ralph Lauren
NScan Scanner Digitizer at FlexFab
NScan Pattern Digitiser
NScan Digitising System
NScan Pttern Template Digitizing System for CAD PAD software.
NScan Pattern Digitizing Training Session
nscan scanner digitizer cad.jpg
NScan Pattern Digitizer demo station
NScan at London college of fashion CAD


More NScan Videos:

Patter Digitizing Software System
Patter Digitizing Software System All CAD an CAMs.
NScan Scanner Pattern Digitizer CAD DXF CAM
nscan flatbed.JPG
Pattern Making Patterns

The NScan Premium comes with multiple Digitizing Modes:

The NScan Premium can digitize any type of pattern and template. It comes with six different digitizing modes that were meticulously designed to work with every 2D flat pattern digitizing scenario. Users can also use the NScan Premium system to draw new digital templates from scratch, and to digitize fabric, designs, blueprints or documents. 

Normal Mode

The "Normal Mode" is used to automatically digitize cut out patterns and templates of any size, shape and color in a matter of seconds. Our clients normally digitize: paper, cardboard, plastic, film, metal, muslin, wood, leather, fabric, glass, etc.


Marker Mode

The "Marker Mode" is used to automatically digitize drawings, markers and plotted paper. This mode can also be used to digitize transparent templates usually used in the marine / boat industry.

Copy/ Fabric Mode

The "Copy Mode" allows users to use the NScan as a scanner. Turn on the mode to scan fabric, documents, and designs, and save the images as JPEG or PDF files. To increase details and image quality, users can also increase the DPI form 100 to 400 DPI. This tool can also be  to used to create print placements.

Pattern Digitizing Rack.jpg





Trace Mode / CAD Mode

The "Trace Mode" allows users to create & draw new patterns from scratch by using the NScan Premium drawing tools. This mode works like a basic CAD software mode. Users can also import existing images to the software to use as a background reference for manual tracing.

Pattern Digitizing templates
Tracing Patterns
trace mode.png
Marker Digitzer





Transparent Film Mode

Clients that have transparent patterns, can use our film mode to scan film templates in seconds. Simply turn on the film mode and scan your transparent plastic. 

transparent Film pattern.png
transparent film template.png
scan fabric.png





Perforated Dotted Pattern Mode

Back in the day when when the digital age was still in its infancy, many manufacturing companies relied on reproducing patterns by creating perforated templates that could be easily traced on top of another paper to be manually copied. To help these companies transition to the digital world easily, we have developed the "Perforated Mode" to automatically digitize perforated templates.

print placement.png
perforated templates.png
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