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NShot Pro, digitizing patterns in one camera shot.


The NShot is the world's first effective Camera pattern digitizing software system. It has the advantage of guaranteed accuracy, increased functionality, improved user interface and the ability to communicate easily between locations. The NShot saves users both time and money by eliminating time consuming and repetitive tasks associated with traditional digitizing. The NShot is an affordable and precise photo digitizer used by major companies worldwide. 

Accurate. Versatile. Easy

NShot Professional Camera Pattern Digitizing System.


The NShot consists of a camera suspended from the ceiling, mounted to a table, on a magnetic board or attached to a free standing boom. A simple Automatic calibration step ensures that the picture is always precise.

Place multiple pattern pieces on a table or board. With one mouse click the camera shoots a picture and the NShot automatically digitizes!

For maximum efficiency, new pieces can be immediately placed on table/board, while another user makes edits on the NShot software. 


The digitized pattern automatically appears on the screen. A live window on the sidebar shows the real-time camera view of the table.

Simple tools are provided for editing including: combining pieces, smoothing lines, mirroring pieces, adding notches, drill holes, seamlines and more. Other options include grading tools, internal lines detection and marker mode.

The NShot saves both the pattern image and the digitized lines. Interface is user friendly. Takes minutes to learn!


The NShot is compatible with all major CAD/CAM systems, including Accumark Gerber, Micromark, Polygon, ASTM, Audaces, Lectra (IBA), Lectra (MDL), Investronica, Tukatech, IMA Genius, Optitex, Assyst, FK, Moda01, DXF, Solidworks, Rhino, Cutoworks, PatternSmith, Browzwear, Clo3d and AutoCad. The NShot can also export HPGL/Plot, PDF and JPEG files.

After you are finished digitizing, your patterns are saved to disk or on your network. The files can then easily be opened in your existing software.


  • With one camera click users can automatically digitize multiple pattern pieces.

  • NShot is flexible being perfect for thick pattern materials, paper, metal, fabric, plastic, leather and cardboard.

  • Guarantee Accuracy.

  • Affordable digitizing.

  • Flexible Background Sizes.

Any Background

The NShot-Pro system can be used with any type of background. There is no need to use the software with a special mat. This makes it easier for users to digitize templates that are larger than the digitizing area without having to worry about folding/cutting the patterns to fit into the background area. Simply take multiple pictures of the XL templates and combine them with one click! Of course users can also place the camera higher to cover a larger digitizing area.

Computer Requirements

Minimum: 4 GB RAM, 3 GHz CPU (intel I5 or I7), 10GB HD space, 2 USB 2.0 ports and Windows XP/7/8/9/10. Internet access is recommended, but not required.

NOTE: During installation, you will need administrator access on the PC and access to the network. Internet access is recommended, but not required.



NShot - Pattern Digitizing with a camera click.


- Professional Camera Digitizer

- Advanced Automatic Calibration

- Portable Hardware! 

- Any background color


Automatic Pattern Digitization with a Camera or Scanner is a Patented Invention By N-hega LLC in the US. Please help us protect our intellectual property rights by reporting any unlawful patent infringement activities to

Some of our Customers:

Large Pattern Digitizer
Furniture Pattern Digitizer CAD/CAM
Pattern Digitizer

NShot-Lite, Pattern Digitizing in one camera shot.


Portable Basic Digitizer!

Self-Calibrating System!

NShot-LITE Camera Digitizing System.
Best for Freelancers and Mobile Businesses!



Our Camera & Scanner Pattern digitizers are patented in the US. Please

help us protect our intellectual property rights by reporting any unlawful

patent infringement activities to


Portable Photo Digitizer with auto calibration & camera.

If your digitizing needs are simpler than what the NShot-Pro offers, the NShot-Lite digitizer can be a good alternative solution for you. The system uses a similar software environment as the NShot-Pro but differs on the calibration method (flexible neural-networks basic auto calibration). 

Place your patterns on the NShot black calibration mat (which can be mounted on a wall to save space or a table), take a hand held picture with the camera and import your images to the software. The software reads the background of the photo and accurately digitizes your patterns in seconds.

The NShot-Lite Camera does not need to be fixed on a single location which makes it perfect for freelancers and production companies who are always working on different locations. Take it anywhere!

The NShot-Lite is a high quality simple automatic digitizing camera system powered by Nhega Technology.

If your production/engineering room has high volume digitizing needs, complex patterns and large templates, the NShot-Pro is the recommend system. If your digitizing needs are simple and you need a portable system, the NShot-Lite is the best solution for you.

Background Sizes:

- 72 by 40 inches

- 48 by 36 inches

- small & large custom made sizes.


Take it Anywhere!

Background Mat                                                      Camera                                   NShot-Lite Software

Take it Anywhere: The NShot-Lite Background Mat can be placed on a magnetic board to be used Vertically, or place on a table to be used Horizontally. Since the mat can be detached from the Wall Magnetic Board and Table areas, it can be taken anywhere!  Users can digitize in the office, at home, on the street, anywhere! Simply have your mat, camera and software ready to be used on the go.

Patter Digitizing Software System
Patter Digitizing Software System All CAD an CAMs.

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Fast and Accurate Pattern Digitizer for the Apparel, Marine, Automotive, Furniture,  Glass, Aviation, Leather and Medical Industries!

The NShot-Pro is an advanced camera digitizing systems developed for professionals with simple and complex pattern digitizing

needs. N-hega uses next generation Artificial Intelligence algorithms to ensure maximum accuracy and performance.





On The Go

Portable Digitizing System.

No heavy tables/No Boards.

The NShot requires no special table or board. It can be used with a simple flexible background mat that is easily portable.


NShot users can use their existing table or even the floor as their digitizing space. No extra bulky table or board, more space for you!





The most Precise Camera System

The NShot uses the most accurate

algorithms for Calibration.


All Digitizing systems require calibration (sometimes the calibration is hidden from users). The NShot-Pro utilizes the Grid Calibration method to control its digitizing quality. This is the most precise way to digitize. The best thing about it? The Calibration is AUTOMATIC, fast and very accurate.





Oversized Patterns? The NShot can Handle it

Dresses, Boat, Automotive ,Spaceship parts can all be digitized with one click.

The NShot can digitize virtually any pattern size. Simply place the camera further from the background mat to capture the templates.


The NShot also comes with a special scissor/XL combine tool that lets users digitize big patterns in parts, and later combine the parts on the software virtually.

What Can the NShot Digitize?

NShot Pattern Digitizer Demo Video:

Overlay Tool for Print/Fabric Placement:

Small and XL Large Pattern Digitizer:

Examples of NShot-Pro Set Ups around the World:

Get Inspired! Our NShot-Pro clients make Apparel, Furniture, Automotive, Marine, Aviation, Soft Goods, Glass, Medical, Leather, Shoes and Composites Patterns Templates for the production and sampling room. 

NShot Pattern Digitizing Camera for Patterns



Automatic Pattern Digitizer

  NScan Scanner

  NShot Camera

Automatic Marker Making/Nesting



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