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NShaker, Automatic Marker Maker and Optimizer.

The NShaker allows users to optimize marker configurations in as little as one minute. Minimum of 1-3% savings in fabric length over all leading automatic marker programs. The NShaker is the most efficient marker software on the market!

marker maker software
Did you know?


Fabric represents a big part of the cost of manufacturing a garment. There is no other area in production that can provide substantial cost savings as easily as fabric control. By paying extra attention to this area of the production process, companies can seriously reduce expenses.


Since n-hega introduced the NShaker in 2009, many existing customers of our digitizing systems have also adopted our automatic nesting system into their production process. We have companies that simply use it for quick fabric estimates, and others that use it further in the production process.

Save Time. Save Fabric. Save Money



The NShaker is a CAD-style application which enables sewn-good manufacturers to automate marker production, and increase marker efficiencies. Users can use the NShaker Queue to process markers overnight saving both time and costs. The NShaker is an automated marker nesting and optimizer that helps manufacturers maximize material utilization! 

There are two different modules of NShaker:

NS-Auto: For automatically generating a marker
NS-Optimizer: For improving an existing marker

NShaker is currently available in 3 separate formats:

Lectra, Accumark and DXF.

NShaker Queue: Process Markers overnight.

Set the marker parameters and let your markers run overnight. The Nshaker will maximize your material utilization with the NS-Auto and the NS-Optimizer.

Nshaker software - fabric yield estimates
fabric utilization - nesting

Run Markers by the minute or by the piece number.

Key Features:


  • Creates production quality markers in minutes.

  • Groups bundles to avoid colour shading variations.


  • NShaker Optimizer completes partially made markers.


  • Respects all material and pattern constraints.


  • Can run unattended 24 hours a day with the Queue.


  • NShaker Auto uses breakthrough technology to automatically create the most efficient production and costing markers.


nshaker - reduce fabric costs

Simple Interface. Option to Separate marker into blocks.

Automatic Marker

Control time limit. Near Optimal results found is less than 2-3 minutes. Adjust piece rotation, overlap and tilt.

Fabric Yield Estimates
Reduce apparel production costs

Specify orientation of paired pieces.

NShaker Demo Video

NShaker - Create an Intelligent and Money Saving Marker in a matter of Minutes!

- Nesting Software for Fabric

- Yield estimates

- Material Utilization

- Marker Making Software

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