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Contex HD Ultra Scanner + NExtimage Software


Textile and fabric scanning system. The Contex HD Ultra X scanner designed in Denmark can be combined with the NExtimage imaging software to digitize Fabric, Textiles, Artwork and Documents. It scans at 100 to 1200 DPI images, and export bmp, dwf, jpg, jp2, jpx, pdf, png and tif files. After the materials are digitized, the software allows users to adjust the image by changing image settings such us color, brightness, levels, sharpness/smoothness and area. Digitize Fabric and Textile with one click.

How to scan Textile:

Textile Fabric Scanner.png

Place your fabric on a carrier sheet

Feed it to the scanner
and in a few seconds or minutes (depending on the fabric size), the image will be digitized.

Scanning Textile.png

Adjust the image settings according to your needs on the Nextimage software and save the file.

Email us to get a quote and more information:

Why are scanners superior to camera digitizers? 

Scanners are also camera digitizers, but instead of having one camera sitting on a open environment, our scanners come with 5 high definition cameras that photograph your textile and fabric at close range. Besides the superior accuracy, scanner also have controlled light, tilt, dpi, pressure and other technology that makes physical images appear as close to reality virtually as possible.

Fabric in Rolls
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