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NTrace, Digital Tracing Board.


Manually trace images to create vector files for CAD/CAM systems. Digital Tracing software made easy. Affordable Templating.

The NTrace is an intelligent software that allows users to digitally trace images and create vector files for CAD and Graphics systems. Instead of using a bulky digitizing table or tracing board, users can simply take a picture of their templates, import the image to the NTrace software, and manually trace the vectors with the user friendly NTrace CAD tools.  After users are done tracing the images, they can edit/modify the templates, and export it as DXF files. JPEG images, Plot and PDF files can also be exported with the NTrace software. The NTrace is a low cost digital tracing software system.

The NTrace is recommended for clients with the lowest digitizing needs. If you digitize more than a few times a year, you should consider an automatic digitizing system such as the NScan and NShot systems. Investing in automatic systems is always a better long term, money and time saving investment.

Step 1

Import Image, or take a picture of the templates using the NTrace software.


Step 2

Trace the templates,

and edit the vectors according to your needs.


Step 3

Save it as a DXF,

JPEG, PLOT or PDF file.

Image based digital tracing software.
Portable & Lightweight Hardware: 
Replace your bulky tracing board hardware with an intelligent software that allows you to work with a single camera and digitizing mat.
Editing tools:
The NTrace software comes with basic CAD tools that allow users to modify and improve vectors.
Export to all major Graphics systems: 
Export vectors traced on the NTrace software to all major CAD & Graphics software systems.
Archives images:
Conserve the the original art work image for reference and future use.
Import & Scan Modes:
Users of the NTrace can import existing images to the software, or automatically capture the true to size images of their templates directly from our software. When they take pictures directly from our software, the images are imported true to size. The NTrace software comes with an automatic calibration mode that allows users to scan true to size images like a scanner.
NTrace software image.png
The NTrace system consists of the NTrace software, a camera and
a simple digitizing mat.

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Automatic Digitizing systems are faster, more precise and advantageous than manual digital tracing softwares. If you want to increase accuracy, save time and money, please consider our premium automatic digitizers: NScan Premium Scanner, NShot Pro Camera & NShot Lite Photo digitizer.

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