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N-hega Pattern Digitizing News

September 2, 2020

Since the Convertex Team focuses on innovation, they decided to acquire the NScan Premium digitizing scanner to complement their engineering and manufacturing room. The system allows their talented team to speed up the designing and manufacturing process while improving quality. Convertex engineers no longer have to spend time on mundane tasks such as digitizing. The focus and details are now spent only on the creative and engineering process. Visit our Case Study page for more info

Convertex is a Canadian manufacturing company that specializes in marine upholstery. They have more than 70 years of experience in the industry, and have a strong focus in Research & Development. They work with major marine companies, designing, building and manufacturing their products.

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September 2, 2020

Scanning fabric and designs with the NShot-Pro software is easy. Simply turn on the NShot-Pro "Copy mode" to utilize the software as a scanner. Digitize fabric, documents, and designs in seconds, and save the images as JPEG or PDF images. This tool can also be used to create overlay print placements. All images are true to size.

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August 18, 2020

The NScan Premium Scanner Digitizer for CAD/CAM systems, is now part of Central Michigan Design Lab space. The Fashion merchandising and design program at CMU is ranked Michigan's best fashion and design school. The NScan system allows students and faculty to digitize physical patterns in seconds. They use the software to vectorize and archive their patterns, edit the vector files and save the digital files directly to Lectra & Gerber CAD systems. The NScan is also used for fabric scanning, & print placement.

Design and Technology forward thinking schools nurture students to be market leaders. With the proper education, technology and creative environment, the new minds of tomorrow can start changing the future of design and manufacturing.

Learn More Here:

August 11, 2020

Our Co-Founder Davi Geiger was invited by Brazilian university UFRJ to talk about Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Computer Vision. Davi is an Artificial Intelligence specialist and professor at New York University Courant Institute of Mathematics. He specializes in computer vision, and his algorithms and patents, the results of three decades of machine learning and computer vision research, have become important elements of popular applications such as Photoshop, Powerpoint, and N-hega Digitizers. The talk was hosted by Dora Kaufman, a journalist, professor and researcher at UFRJ. The interview is conducted in Portuguese (Brazil). Davi Geiger is also fluent in English, French and Italian.

July 9, 2020

N-hega Intelligent & Automatic Pattern Digitizers are compatible with all major CAD & CAM systems. One scan and you are done.

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July 8, 2020

"Today’s rapidly evolving manufacturing technologies including artificial intelligence, advanced robotics and the “internet of things”—often referred to as “Industry 4.0” technologies—are poised to reshape the global manufacturing landscape." We are constantly thinking about the future and how we can help our clients and the industry meet their changing needs.

June 16, 2020

Who are some of the technical designers and pattern makers you admire? What have they taught you? How have they inspired you? Tag them here!

May 21, 2020

Four (4) fashion startups have been selected to pitch their ideas during IFA Paris Virtual Pitch Day next Tuesday for a chance to win a Community Membership at IFA Paris fashion tech lab the "Foundry"!

Meet the jury for our Live Virtual Pitch Day to select the winner!

The "Foundry" team, Vongai N. R., Jean-Baptiste Andreani & Peter Jeun Ho Tsang, will be joined by Eliane Yeung from N-hega Technology.

Don't miss out on this event & JOIN US as an audience member next Tuesday at 18:00 CET / 12PM EST in the comfort of your own home.

Visit here for joining details:


April 21, 2020

Save fabric and material during your sample making and production process with the NEstimate Marker Making Nesting software. The NEstimate can be used manually or automatically (NEstimate-Manual & NEstimate-Automatic) to create material saving markers in a matter of minutes. Stop wasting material and time. Understand how much material you need to buy, and where you need to place your patterns on the print before cutting your fabric/material. The NEstimate can open DXF and Nhega files. Here is a video of the NEstimate-Manual in action:

April 15, 2020

You just need three (3) items to start digitizing with the NShot-Lite Portable Digitizer solution:

- Camera

- Background Mat with targets

- NShot-Lite software

Why bring your bulky digitizing table/board home, if you can use a portable foldable mat?

Watch the video below to learn more:

The NShot-Lite is N-hega's basic camera digitizing solution. N-hega also offers advanced digitizers: NScan Premium scanner & NShot-Pro system. To learn more please contact us at

April 8, 2020

Working remotely with N-hega digitizers. We are here to help you stay productive. Digitize from anywhere.

Hi Everyone, We know a lot of our clients at N-hega are currently working remotely. We wanted to let you know that it is easy to work from home with our N-hega digitizers. Simply take the NScan scanner or NShot camera hardware home with the software, set up the digitizing station ,and you can start using the system. We know that being able to digitize your patterns automatically and quickly send the templates to your team via e-mail or online is more important than ever. We are here to help you.         

April 2, 2020

Pattern Designer & Engineer Appreciation Day.

"In the manufacturing & production industries, pattern making is the process in which pattern engineers take a design or a product prototype and develop it into a workable pattern / template for production. This process is extremely important for the manufacturing industry as products are only as good as the patterns that they are created from. When we look at a chair, spoon or a garment, we often forget to apprise the complex artifacts and engineering design that were involved in the process of making a "simple" idea into a working complex 3D object."

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N-hega Technology helps clients navigate digital and industry transformation with professional, tailored and easy to use automatic Pattern Digitizing Solutions.

Top Apparel Design, Production & Manufacturing Schools use the NScan & NShot Systems. Watch Video above!

Summer Lunch with the Intern Team.

Nhega just installed a new NScan System at Irvin Automotive Design and Development Center. They are part of the part of the Piston Group.

NScan version 2.17 has been released and HanesBrands Technical Design Team are already using the new software version.

The Best Companies use the Best Products. Jonathan Bar-Or Industrial Design LTD (Israel) uses the NShot-Pro.

Meeting with European Partners during the 11th International Conference on Energy Minimization Methods in Computer Science and Pattern Recognition. (Italy)

Eurofoam, a leading Foam company in Eastern Europe acquired a second NScan system. They have been using the automatic pattern digitizing technology since 2011. The company was founded in 1992 and has over 36 companies operating in 12 countries. 

eli y.jpg

N-hega attending the CitiySource Fashion Institute Technology TradeShow in New York.



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REPORT PATENT INFRINGEMENT: Our Camera & Scanner pattern digitizers are patented in the US. Please help us

protect our intellectual property rights by reporting any unlawful patent infringement activities to