CE6000-120 AP, Graphtec Plotter Cutter Machine.


Connect your CAD or NScan & NShot softwares to the Graphtec CE6000-120 AP Cutter Plotter system.





The Graphtec CE6000-120AP (Apparel Pattern Cutting & Marking) is a japanese, high-speed, professional cutting plotter that can turn template designs into patterns both rapidly and accurately. The CE6000-120AP was designed specifically as an output machine device for apparel/furniture/automotive CAD/CAM systems. The Cutter/Plotter can also output directly from the NScan & NShot Digitizers. The Plotter Cutter accepts Sheet paper & Roll paper and has a cut/plot area of 48 inches.

Dual Tool Configuration for Plotting & Cutting.

Holds both a pen and a blade. The pen is for plotting and detailing graded patterns with seams, text, notches, grain direction, etc. The blade is to make the perforated cut of the pattern outline. The tool is automatically switched for cutting & plotting as needed - ensuring a high quality pattern and maximum productivity!

Reliable Cutting & Plotting Quality.

Simple CAD Plotter Cutters.


Enhanced Speed when perforating Cutting.

Perforating cutting is performed by controlling the cutting force instead of blade up/down movements-dramatically increasing throughput. The force is controlled by the design software using a command.


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Simple Plotter Cutters for the Apparel, Furniture, Automotive,

Marine Industries. (Sewn Industry).

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