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N-hega Suite: complete Sample Room Bundle Solution.


Integrate your business with the N-hega Bundle Suite. The complete solution for companies Sample Room/Pre-Production needs. 















    Digitize Patterns -> Edit Models -> Grading -> Costing Markers -> Email or generate Plot & Cut files

Digitize Sample Models
Grade Patterns
Edit Patterns
Costing Markers
Plot & Cut files
Sample Approved! Send Order to Production.

NScan/NShot + NEstimate with Grading Projection + Cutter/Plotter = Done.

1     Digitize Patterns
4  Costing Markers

Use the NScan or NShot automated system to quickly and accurately Digitize Sample patterns.


The NScan utilizes a scanner and the NShot a high resolution camera to capture and digitize multiple pieces at once.


Digitizing can be done as simply as photocopying a document.


Run the automatic NEstimate software to generate money saving Material Utilization Estimates.


Users can opt to run the marker by minute or by piece number. 


The estimation process is completely automatic and uses complex algorithms to select the best marker combination.


E-mail or print the material utilization information to the costing/material buyer department.


Order Material for Production!


2      Edit

Edit the pattern pieces according to the garment needs using the NScan or NShot tools.


Notches, lines, cutlines, corners, seamlines can be modified and corrected with a few clicks.






 5   Plot/Cut Files

Plot or Cut the costing models for quality control and inspection purposes.


3     Grade

Use the N-hega Suite Estimate Grading tool to create different grade sizes for a more precise material costing estimate.





Send Order to Production!

Approved Sample!
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