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About us

About N-hega

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision Technology

Automatic Pattern Digitizing for CAD/CAM Specialists.

N-hega (pronounced en-hay-ga) is a technology company based in New York City with clients and partners Worldwide. N-hega's mission is to develop and market superior productivity enhancing systems for the production and manufacturing industries.

The company was founded in 2001 by award winning experts in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision technology, and since then focuses on building breakthrough products that address important unmet needs of the garment/textile industry, upholstery, automotive, aviation, marine, medical and related industries.

N-hega's development team consists of leading experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology with a background in manufacturing. N-hega specializes in Automatic Pattern Digitizing Solutions with a Scanner or Camera.

N-hega's Products

N-hega is the worldwide leader in automated digitizing systems.

The NScan, N-hega's first product, was invented after two years of research and development of a new system that would revolutionize the process of pattern digitalization. Since the creation of the NScan, the largest apparel and composites companies have purchased the NScan system. Some of the growing list of leading companies that have adopted the NScan includes PVH, BMW, Johnson Control, Kellwood, Urban Outfitters, Destination Maternity, Cigarette Racing Team, Banana Republic, Polo Ralph Lauren, Palliser Furniture, EuroFoam, Irvin Auto, Adient JCI, EuroFoam, Gosford Leather, Charter Furniture, Isabel Marant and thousands more.

N-hega keeps expanding its product line and developing new solutions for the manufacturing, design and production industries. We currently offer 3 digitizing products, the NScan Premium Scanner  and the NShot-Pro & Lite, and two automatic marker maker and optimizers, the NShaker and NEstimate.

N-hega is a privately held company with headquarters in New York City. 

​The Logo: The red fish, created by one of the founders, represents the fusion of two mathematically perfect shapes.​

nhega logo
The industry is being rapidly digitized. We help companies 
bridge the digital transformation gap with powerful and simple
pattern digitizing solutions.

What makes N-hega different?

The N-hega team consists of forward thinking leaders in Artificial Intelligence technology. We are specialists in identifying and developing solutions and novelties to enhance and improve different industries.

We at N-hega understand the value of our clients and are always looking for feedback and ways to improve our products.

Our customers are always impressed by what we have to offer and the value and difference our services bring to the workplace.

N-hega creates products that are simple and useful, always envisioning the future.

APPAREL & FASHION              FURNITURE             AUTOMOTIVE         


AVIATION                             MEDICAL                SOFT GOODS


COMPOSITES                        GLASS                     OTHERS     




Did you know? Scanner and Camera Digitizers were invented in 2001 by N-hega Technology in New York City. The NScan and NShot digitizers are patented in the US. Click here to learn more.

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