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Digitizer Table is a manual digitizing system.

Pattern Digitizing Table

Digitizing is a small yet crucial part of the garment, furniture, automotive and composites production and manufacturing process. For years the industry has been relying on the slow and monotonous help of the Digitizing Table, but fortunately new digitizing options have been invented to speed up the process of pattern digitization while also providing superior accuracy.

If your company is still using the Digitizing Table you might want to consider searching for more technological ways to digitize. The NScan (scanner) and the NShot (camera) state-of -the-art systems are great alternatives available. A garment or other composites pattern that usually takes one hour to be digitized with the digitizing table, can take less than 20 minutes to be digitized with the NScan or NShot. In addition, the NScan and NShot use award-winning image capturing devices to capture the exact shape of the patterns, eliminating over 90% of digitizing errors. With this phenomenal productivity increase and unsurpassed accuracy, companies can eliminate up to 75% of their digitizing costs, while improving quality and turn-around time and reducing costly delays.

1- Digitizing tables require extensive and monotonous manual labor.

2- Digitizing tables are error prone. If you export your digitized patterns to your CAD software and find a mistake, you must redo the entire process.

3- You can only digitize one pattern at a time.

4- Digitizing tables do not save the picture image of the patterns. There is no way to check if the digitized lines are accurate.

5- There are other digitizing alternatives that are automated and much faster and more accurate than the digitizing table.

Don't be afraid to try new technologies. Although new products can seem more complicated than old methods at first, they are invented to facilitate people's lives and improve the logistics of a company's operation.

NScan Premium

HD Scanner

Pattern Digitizer.

Best Digitizer!


Material Estimates, a big saving

factor for the manufacturing industry.

NShot Pro 

Advanced Camera

Pattern Digitizer

NShot Lite

Portable & Basic

Photo Digitizer.

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