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What does the NEstimate do? The NEstimate is a material utilization estimate software (nesting/ costing maker)  that is directly connected to the NScan & NShot  digitizing softwares. With a few clicks users can estimate material usage and also output PLOT, CUT and DXF files from the marker. The NEstimate utilizes breakthrough algorithms to create efficient costing markers.



NEstimate, Material Utilization Estimates 

Control Material utilization and improve the logistics of your production steps with the NEstimate Marker Maker. 




The NEstimate-Auto, automatically creates a material saving markers by using breakthough algorithms in a matter of minutes.



The NEstimate-Manual, is a manual Marker Making software that allows users to manually arrange pattern pieces in a marker in order to save material. 



                     Pattern Digitizing                                       Automatic Costing Markers                                   Fact Sheet, Cut, Plot & DXF files

Directly Connected to the NSCAN & NSHOT

Material Utilization/Plot, Cut & DXF Files

The NEstimate cut steps on the production and sampling stages, allowing one single user on one software enviroment to digitize, edit, nest and generate cut and plot files. The NEstimate provides an easy and powerful NScan complimentary solution to your company. The automatic marking software also comes with a basic grading projection mode and manual marker making tools.



Why use different softwares if you can fit everything in one single environment?


The NEstimate utilizes break-through algorithms to create efficient costing markers in a matter of minutes.

Control Material utilization and improve the logistics of your production steps with the NEstimate. 

NEStimate Automatic Video:

NEStimate Manual Video:




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