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23 Years Anniversary of the Inventors of the first effective Automatic Pattern Digitizing systems for the CAD/CAM manufacturing industry! N-hega Technology *Made in NYC*

Updated: Feb 6

It has been 23 years since the introduction of the first effective image-based digitizer to the market.

N-hega Technology, founded by two award-winning AI researchers and professors from NYU and Waseda University, has been a proud contributor to the history of manufacturing and production technology. Throughout this journey, we take pride in serving thousands of leaders in the Garment, Furniture, Glass, Medical Equipment, Aviation, Marine, and Composites industries in the process of digitalization.

Our presence today with three distinct and successful automatic digitizers - the NScan-Premium-Scanner, NShot-Pro-Camera, and NShot-Lite-Photo digitizer - all manufactured in New York City, is a testament to the collaborative effort of our clients, friends, and industry leaders. Without their support, knowledge, and patience in working with us to uncover the challenges of the production room, we wouldn't have achieved this milestone. We firmly believe that a product is merely a tool; the success of a system lies in the people behind its vision, implementation, and use.

Reflecting on our origins, our founders dedicated tireless hours in the late 90s and early 2000s, immersing themselves in the challenges of the industry. Camping in their own apartment, they visited various NYC manufacturing engineering companies to understand their needs. When the first version of the NScan was ready, our team diligently presented our solution door to door, seeking the right company to recognize the value of our pattern digitizing automatic solution. Liz Claiborne became our first client, marking the beginning of our journey. After successfully implementing our solutions in the garment sector in New York, we expanded our reach to the furniture, aviation, glass, and marine industries.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to individuals such as Davi, Hiroshi, Lew, Brandon, Wendy, Michelle, Moshe, Allan, Peter, Jenny, Matthew, Kevin, Eli, Paul, Michael, Paulo, Mike, and many others.

In the upcoming weeks, we will delve deeper into the contributions of our founders, Davi Geiger & Hiroshi Ishikawa, to the industry and the field of computer vision. Stay tuned for more insights at


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