Lockheed Martin Aerospace uses the NShot-Pro CAD digitizer.

Product Development Engineering Technology.

Aerospace CAD Digitizing System.

Aerospace engineering requires high level of attention to detail, strong awareness of safety issues and technical expertise. To complement the engineering team at Lockheed Martin Corporation in Marietta, the multinational company acquired the NShot-Pro Advanced Camera digitizer. 

The system is currently being used with Catia CAD engineering software. The engineers collect large scale pattern images that are manipulated on the table with a projector. After the projected templates are edited, the team digitizes the patterns with the NShot Pro system. 

Before acquiring the system the engineering team conducted extensive tests to ensure the NShot Pro was compatible with the company's high standard of quality. To cater to Lockheed Martin unique patterns, N-hega engineered and customized a new feature that would color correct and enhanced the type of templates and images that the company wanted to capture and digitize. 

Lockheed Martin Corporation is one of the largest aerospace, defense and advanced technologies company's in the world. The facility in Marietta employs around 5,000 people, making it one of metro Atlanta's top 25 employers.  



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