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SEATS Inc uses the

NScan Premium Digitizer with Accumark Gerber.

Innovative . Diversified . Quality Seating

High quality Seat Manufacturer.

Seats Inc. is an OEM and contract manufacturer of seating for transportation, off-highway, and industrial equipment. The proprietary product mix includes specialty seating for a variety of applications including industrial trucks, off-highway equipment, semi tractors, emergency vehicles, turf equipment, and locomotives.

After doing extensive research, Seats Inc adopted the NScan Premium digitizer. The system was acquired to replace the manual digitizing table, and has helped the company improve their productivity and maintain their high standard of quality. The NScan system is used everyday by multiple pattern engineers. The company scans their patterns, edit the templates and save the files directly into Accumark Gerber. After the patterns are digitized, they are nested and sent to the cutter for production. Fast/Easy/Efficient.

Seats Incorporated is quality certified to ISO 9001:2015.

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