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HNI Furniture replaced their Manual Arm Digitizer with the NScan Premium Scanner.

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HNI Corporation is a leading global office furniture company with locations worldwide. Their brands which includes Allsteel, HON, Gunlocke, Lamex, HBF, Maxon, and HNI are among the strongest, most widely known and respected in the upholstery industry. 

To fulfill the growing list of orders, HNI Corporation pursued a production automation strategy: invest in the best pattern digitizing solution to optimize the production process. A long-time furniture marker, and strong believer in the importance of technology, HNI Corporation first choice for the project was the NScan Premium Digitizing Scanner.

Before acquiring the NScan System, HNI Corporation was using a Manual Arm digitizing system. Each Pattern Engineer had to create and digitize their patterns manually with the arm. The process was slow, error prone and incomplete. After digitizing with the arm, a DXF file was created and had to be cleaned up before being imported to Lectra, their cutting system. Since the NScan System writes native MDL Lectra files, the users no longer need to convert DXF files to Lectra. Converting patterns to other CAD formats is a normal procedure in the industry, but using native files often generate better vector lines with less points and more accurate information.


HNI Corporation can simply scan their physical patterns with the NScan and open the digitized files directly on Lectra. If any editing on the patterns is needed, the engineering team can quickly and easily do the modification directly on the NScan system. In short, digitizing a style of furniture with the arm takes approximatelly 2-5 hours to be completed. With the NScan, the same process takes minutes.

N-hega has provided template digitizing solutions for thousands of companies worldwide. We listen to our clients, and also keep a constant eye on innovation. Thank you HNI for choosing N-hega Technology.


Scanner digitizer Furniture
Furniture Digitizer
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