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London College of Fashion  

& Central Saint Martin.

Fashion & Technology Forward Educational Institutions.

University of the Arts London

London College of Fashion & Central Saint Martin are considered the leading global providers of fashion education, research and consultancy in the world. They have been continuously voted the best fashion schools by several global publications, and have been nurturing creative talent for over a century.


LCF and CSM are part of the University of the Arts London institution, and have been using the N-hega systems since 2004. In a time where many companies and institutions were still reluctant about digitalization, the two schools were one of the first to see the importance of technology and modernization on the production process of the garment industry. 

The organization currently have three NScan Premium scanner systems and one NShot-Pro camera system. The N-hega Digitizers allow students to focus on creative work instead of mundane tasks by providing an automatic and precise way to vectorize physical patterns to a CAD and CAM system. Just scan or take a picture! Since University of the Arts London is an educational institution that works with many different 2D and 3D CAD and CAM systems, both their NScan & NShot Pattern digitizers can export to all major softwares. Some of the export file formats include native Lectra & Accumark, AutoCAD, Optitex, Tuka, AutoCAD, Assyst, ShoeMaker, Illustrator, SolidWorks and DXF.

University of the Arts London focuses on the future, striving constantly to expose their students and members to the most advanced technologies and processes while encouraging creativity and business savviness.

“With so many different Computer Aided Design options available in the market, the advantages of a software that can communicate with all major design softwares is crucial for educational institutions… Many of our educational partners have multiple CAD systems and appreciate the fact that our NScan can output to them all.” 

- Davi Geiger, Co-founder of Nhega Technology.

Design and Technology Facilities


Two of the NScan Premium scanner digitizers are now located on LCF CAD/CAM Fashion Lab.

central saint martin.jpg
NScan at London college of fashion CAD a

The NShot Pro System is also installed on the same CAD/CAM Lab.

london college of fashion showroom nshot
lcf nscan pattern digitizer college_edit
London college of fashion NShot Pro.png
London college of fashion cad scanning s

Other Case Studies:

uses the NScan & NShot
Fashion School Prague
Lectra & Grafis
Fashion School Prague


uses the NScan

with Optitex CAD.

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