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Mr S. Leather & the NScan Premium Digitizing soiftware.

            High quality design & craftsmanship/ Leather & Rubber.

Mr. S Leather is the largest leather and fetish retailer in San Francisco. Because each of their products are meticulously hand crafted, they decides to acquired the NScan premium digitizer scanner to help increase productivity and pattern quality.

They use high quality hides and rubber. The sturdiest, strongest and longest lasting metals are used for zippers, snaps, and buckles. Careful attention is paid to each detail, from clean and methodical stitching to strong and secure rivets and strapping.

Mr. S Leather has prided itself by keeping its production facilities in the United States, and supporting the local economy. 95% of leather and latex products are made and produced in the US, in its San Francisco workshops.

Leather Workshop

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