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Eastman Chemicals & the NScan Premium

Transparent Film Mode Digitizer.

Digitizing Transparent Film Templates with the NScan "Film Mode."

Aluminum Supplier

Eastman Chemicals uses the NScan Premium Scanner Automatic Digitizer for templates.​​

Eastman Chemical Company has been a long time user of the NScan Premium digitizing system. The multinational corporation focuses only on the best manufacturing machines and tools to develop high quality products. The first NScan digitizer was installed in their manufacturer plant in Brazil. The second station was deployed in the US. Because Eastman Chemicals digitizes transparent film templates, they use the NScan special "Film mode." The Film Mode is able to digitize transparent and semi transparent films that have been traced with black outlines. Because scanners have all the lighting, pressure and other imaging elements controlled and fixed inside the scanner machine, it is able to produce high quality images and vectors that are clean and accurate. Before opting for the NScan Premium system, the company investigated different camera systems, but the NScan outperformed in quality, speed, flexibility and simplicity. Transparent film patterns can be reflective, so having a highly controlled scanner machine like the NScan, helps reduce reflection and increase the quality of the vectors and image. Eastman Chemical uses the NScan as a portable digitizing station. They have a van equipped with different machines and software (NScan Digitizer, Plotters, CAD systems and etc.) that help their engineering team develop products on the go.


Here is a video of how the NScan special "Film Mode" process works:

About Eastman Chemicals: 


Eastman Chemical Company is an American company primarily involved in the chemical industry. Once a subsidiary of Kodak, today it is an independent global specialty materials company that produces a broad range of advanced materials, chemicals and fibers for everyday purposes. Founded in 1920 and based in Kingsport, Tennessee, the company now has more than 50 manufacturing sites worldwide and employs approximately 14,500 people.

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