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Digitizing Extra Large Templates is Easy with the NShot-Pro System for CAD/CAM

August 22, 2019

[Digitizing Extra Large Templates is Easy with the NShot-Pro System for CAD/CAM].


NShot-Pro digitizing station at LGF factory covering an area of 120 by 80 inch (3 by 2 meter). The company has a 29,000 st ft space with top fabrication machinery. They custom fabricate mirrors, windows, table tops, shower units, wardrobes and much more


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Automatic Pattern Digitizer

  NScan Scanner

  NShot Camera

Automatic Marker Making/Nesting



Plotter Cutter Machine

  Graphtec CE6000-AP



Main Office:

740 Broadway Suite 604

New York, New York 10003

Phone: 212-222-7803

Global Email: info@n-hega.com

Specialist in Pattern Digitizing Solutions


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