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Large Format Scanners

N-hega Technology offers different types of Large Format Scanners/ Wide Format Scanners.

We work with Graphtec Scanners (Japan), Contex Global Imaging Scanners (Denmark) and Rowe Scanners (Germany). There are the leading global manufacturers of scanning solutions. These systems can be use with our NScan Pattern Digitizing System, or used with other scanning softwares to cover other professional scanning applications such as architectural renderings, textile scans, fine art scans, detailed maps, blueprints and technical drawings. Scanners range from 36" to 60" wide.

Nhega also works with professional cameras that can also be used like a scanner. We use a special software developed in house (NShot-Pro) to take care of the distortion, tilt and dpi of the camera, so the images can be digitized true to size.

Contact us at for more information.

Large Format Scanners / Wide Format Scanners


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