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Professor Maura Jurgrau from Parsons with Philadelphia & Brooklyn Fashion Incubator @t Nhega Tec

Yesterday we had the great honor of having the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator, the Brooklyn Fashion Incubator, and Professor Maura Jurgrau from Parsons visit us on a Tour to see the NScan/NShot & NEstimate Costing Marker Systems. We are very happy to see so many young businesses come to research and understand the best way to grow their business together.

New York City Garment district is a great resort for anyone starting their own fashion/apparel line. Yet sometimes it is hard to determine the best path for success with so many services, stores, and technologies available.️ <3 If you are a Fashion Startup you should check out the Brooklyn & Philly incubator group. They support young businesses in the fashion industry by providing mentorship & the tools necessary to grow and achieve success.

Professor Jurgrau has worked with us in the past. She was responsible for bringing the NShot-Pro technology to Parsons & worked on a pattern digitizing project with a student. She is a Fashion Technology industry veteran & currently focuses on digital & Textile design at the New School.

Pictures of the visit:


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