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The new NScan HD-Ultra-X pattern digitizing scanner system is out! --- More Power. Better Performanc

More Power. Better Performance. Better Productivity!

The New NScan Premium with Contex-HD-Ultra-X pattern digitizing scanner system is out!

N-hega Technology, the world leader in automatic pattern digitizing solutions, today introduces the NScan Premium with the Contex-HD-Ultra-X scanner. The scanner developed in Denmark boasts numerous productivity-boosting capabilities to accelerate the scanning workflow, while delivering long-term value and a quick ROI. “The NScan Premium Pattern digitizing scanner is our high end automatic digitizer. Clients with the highest standard for quality are thrilled about the new HD-Ultra-X scanners. The scanned images of the patterns are super precise and sharp. The new wide format scanner will probably double our client's productivity." - Davi Geiger/ General Manager and CEO of N-hega Technology.

NScan HD Scanner Digitizer CAD/CAM

Exclusive technologies for the most advanced image quality

The advanced technology in the NScan Premium Contex-HD-Ultra-X scanner series offers customers several exclusive imaging advantages, including the highest color-rendering index (CRI). The scanners are equipped with NScan Contex Perfect Light, which uses the latest LED technology combined with specially developed diffusion filters. Sharp scans are achieved by NScan Contex’s exclusive lens spherical correction technology and accuracy lens enhancement (ALE), which minimizes optical distortion. Each scanner model in the the HD Ultra X series is equipped with X-Rite ICC color technology and Fujifilm camera lenses, which deliver greater depth of focus — 7mm — and CCD optics of up to 1200 dpi. The depth of focus allows users to capture documents of all types — especially thick, delicate, or with irregularities — with ease.

Intuitive scanning advancements

With just the press of a lever, NScan Contex’s Optimal Thickness Adjustment Control (OTAC) enables users to quickly adjust the HD Ultra X to the required paper thickness. Feather mode also protects delicate originals and extra-thin documents. A speed-matched roller system ensures fast and easy document loading, and eliminates skewing. Operators can choose between center and side loading, or use the adjustable paper guide for smaller documents. The scanner’s static-free, touchless glass system and steel, anti-static feed table also minimize friction, while reducing maintenance costs over time from worn scanner glass.

Exceeding environmental standards

The NScan HD-Ultra-X scanner series exceeds Energy Star consumption standards, and is RoHS compliant. Additionally, the LED light source, guaranteed to last the scanner’s lifetime, saves energy by automatically turning off in between scans. Instant-ON scanning capabilities also allows operators to simply load and scan originals, without requiring the scanner to warm-up.

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