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Marker Making, Grading & NScan Pattern Digitizing with Create-a-Marker. Production & Manufac

In New York, when people talk about Marker Making and Grading, many think about Create-a-Marker. The company founded in 1997 by FIT graduate Paul Cavazza is well known in the Fashion/Garment industry. They work with top Designer Companies as well as small independent designers all around the US.

Last week we visited Create-a-Marker to upgrade our software systems to the latest 2.17 version. The company modernized their manufacturing room this year by upgrading all their computers.

Nhega’s partnership with Create-a-Marker started more than 12 years ago. Davi Geiger, the co-founder of Nhega, went to Create-a-Marker’s office in midtown and offered Cavazza a trial of the NScan system. After testing the system, Create-a-Marker was impressed and replaced their old digitizing system right away. The NScan is fast, accurate and easier to use than other digitizing systems like tables, CNC pens and camera digitizers.

Create-a-Marker currently has a NScan system with 4 licenses and 1 NShaker Marker Making software for Gerber Accumark. Besides using the NScan with Gerber, they also export to Polygon, DXF, Tuka, Lectra and Optitex files.

We are happy to be working with Create-a-Marker for more than 12 years now. The apparel & manufacturing industry is constantly evolving and we are glad to be part of this transformation.

Here are some Picture of our visit to Create-a-Marker last week:

NScan Scanner at Create a Marker

Davi Geiger and Paul Cavazza

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