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Knowledge: How to Digitize Patterns to AutoCAD.

AutoCAD Digitizer

Installing a digitizer to be used with AutoCAD is easy with N-hega Technology. Instead of relying on manual digitizing tables and pens, AutoCAD users can take advantage of automatic scanners and camera digitizers developed specifically for the CAD/CAM manufacturing industries.

What is AutoCAD and why do I need a digitizer?

AutoCAD CAD systems is one of the most well known CAD softwares available on the market. This commercial computer-aided-design software application is used by engineers, architects, graphic designers and product designers. Many users that use the system to manipulate product templates, create physical prototypes of patterns that need to be digitized to a CAD software. Digitizing is the process of vectorizing shapes that can be opened on a computer for editing and manipulation. CAD systems like AutoCAD revolutionize how manufacturing is done. Nhega Pattern digitizers help companies and individuals tap into the power of CAD systems, by proving an easy and accurate way to bring physical templates to a digital format.


Why waste time manually retracing patterns if you can just scan your templates? The mathematical work of creating patterns for products have already been accomplished when the first pattern sample is drafted on paper. Redrawing the template into a digital form is a repetitive task that can be avoided with automated solutions.

Did you know?

AutoCAD was released in 1982, making it the first CAD system developed for PCs. 

AutoCAD digitzer
AutoCAD Digitizer
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