Digitize Templates into DXF files for CNC, CAd and CAM systems in a matter of seconds. Template Digitizing made easy.


Replace your Manual Tracing pen or table with an automatic, plug & play modern solution. 

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Created by template makers for manufacturers.

Template digitizing is an important production and manufacturing step. It has to be done accurately and precisely in order to result in well designed products and templates for production. With the N-hega Automatic Template Digitizers, companies and individuals can easily and accurately digitize their templates in a matter of seconds.


Simply scan or take a picture of your patterns with our template digitizing software, and your patterns are automatically traced into vector by our AI (artificial Intelligence) system. The N-hega Template digitizers are compatible with most software programs including Bobcad, Vectric, Mach3, Mastercam, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Lectra, Gerber Accumark, Baumer, Catia, Illustrator, and Plasmacam. It also works with all major hardware systems including Gerber Cutters, Lectra Cutters, Eastman, Orox Cutters, Plotters, Vinyl Cutters, Waterjets, Plasma Cutters, Leather Cutters and etc. There is no need to manually trace the patterns by hand. All points, lines, arcs and internal information are automatically captured by the software. After the pattern is digitized in seconds, users can also manually edit, modify and improve the vectors according to their needs. The N-hega digitizers comes with basic CAD editing tools. It conserves the true to size image of your original templates for archival purposes, and also the editable vectors.

Automatic Template Digitizers are 5 times faster than manual tracing digitizers like the digitizing table and manual tracing software.


Increase productivity with N-hega Template Digitizers.

We can digitize any type of 2D templates.

NScan Scanner, NShot-Pro , NShot-Lite

More info: info@n-hega.com

Case Studies Highlights:


uses the NScan & NShot

London College of Fashion

uses the NScan & NShot

Kellwood Apparel

Gerber Accumark

5 NScans & 1 NShot


Furniture with the

NShot-Pro & SolidWorks



Automatic Pattern Digitizer

  NScan Scanner

  NShot Camera

Automatic Marker Making/Nesting



Plotter Cutter Machine

  Graphtec CE6000-AP



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