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Smith Brothers of Berne uses the NScan Premium Pattern Digitizer for Furniture with their Lectra CAD

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Smith Brothers of Berne has been using the NScan Premium Pattern Digitizer with their Lectra CAD software since 2007. The company is one of the pioneer furniture makers whom recognizes the need for advanced technology to support their talent and production process.

Smith Brothers of Berne NScan Pattern Digitizer Room

Smith Brothers of Berne has built a reputation for crafting fine residential furniture that is solid, comfortable, and stylish. Because they strive to build furniture that will last for generations, they shy away from the trendy, fad-driven styles seen on today's "throw away" furniture. Instead, they give their classic traditional American styling a subtle, modern flair that assures that each piece they make will be at home in any setting for years to come.

Since the earliest days of their business, they have used the same ingredients for success: diligence, pride, and attention to detail. Smith Brothers believe that if they can build it right, every time, they will create furniture that they can stand behind with total confidence. This philosophy enables Smith Brothers of Berne to fill special orders with unmatched speed, and back each product with the strongest warranty in the industry.

Smith Brothers of Berne makes Beautiful furniture in the heart of America with the top technologies and talent available.

Images By: Mike Meyer

(CAD Room Manager - Lectra & NScan Specialist).

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