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IFA Paris X N-hega Technology: Join IFA Paris Instagram Wednesday at 9am EST (check your local time)

IFA Paris X N-hega Technology: Join IFA Paris Instagram Wednesday at 9am EST (check your local time) for a conversation between our co-founder Davi Geiger and Peter Jeun Ho Tsang from IFA Paris

Davi Geiger Bio:

Davi Geiger is the co-founder and CEO of N-hega Technology. Together with professor Hiroshi Ishikawa, he revolutionized the way pattern digitizing could be done, by developing the first effective automatic image based pattern digitizing system in 2001. Davi is also a Professor of Computer Science and Neural Science at NYU's Courant Institute. His algorithms and patents, the results of three decades of machine learning and computer vision research, have become important elements of popular applications such as Photoshop and Powerpoint. Davi holds a degree in Physics from PUC-Rio, Brazil, and a Ph.D. from the Artificial Intelligence lab at MIT, USA. He won the National Science Foundation career award in 1998. Davi Geiger is also the founder of Kooick, a technology company focused on AI powered cashier-less stores. Curiosity: Davi Geiger’s grandfather was a tailor and a big inspiration behind the NScan and NShot Inventions

Peter Jeun Ho Tsang Bio:

Peter Jeun Ho Tsang is pioneering the field of fashion tech innovation, which he is now launching his second fashion tech lab in Paris - Foundry powered by IFA Paris. Peter holds an MA in Digital Fashion from London College of Fashion and has worked with technology companies large and small to conceptualise, execute and deploy various fashion tech solutions. He has a deep understanding of the fashion industry holistically through his commercial and academic work, which has been shaped by his own entrepreneurial journey. The official launch of the Foundry is November 2019 and is sponsored by some great companies including N-hega.


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