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Artscape Launchpad is now offering the NScan Pattern CAD & Nextimage Textile Digitizers in their Lab

Artscape Launchpad Textile & Creative Studio in Toronto, now offers the NScan Premium CAD digitizer software and also the NExtimage Textile Scanner system in their Lab. The hub is dedicated to help artists and creatives thrive with the best state of the art technology, community and mentorship.

"Launchpad was developed by Artscape to help bridge the gap that exists between the tremendous cultural and economic value artists’ ideas contribute to society and what creative people earn for their work. Whether helping to ease the transition between post-secondary and self-employment or supporting a creative business to scale up, we help creatives succeed on their own terms. Artscape has a more than 30-year history of making space for creativity and transforming communities, and a goal to create the conditions for artists to thrive. In our over 10 years of research and consultation in developing this project, we learned that despite the fact that creative content makes up a growing share in the value of everything, it is becoming harder to make a living as an artist or designer in Canada due to a number of challenges, including: precarious contract to contract work, disparity between education and incomes, and transition from school to self-employment."


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