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Our Co-founder, Davi Geiger, has been invited to speak at PUC TIDD SYMPOSIUM 2018.

N-hega is proud to announce that Davi Geiger, our co-founder, has been invited to speak at PUC TIDD SYMPOSIUM 2018.

The conference focuses in Artificial Intelligence and consciousness, and will be joined by renowned AI professors and scientists around the world.

Workshop: " A labyrinth of encounters and missed engagements "

Theme: "Artificial Intelligence affects all aspects of our lives. It affects economic, political and social topics. This workshop will focus on the importance of monitoring AI and its role in computation design projects that can guarantee transparency, privacy and non discrimination. The immediate future is surrounded by concepts of immersion, transhumanism and post-truth."

See you at PUC TIDD SYMPOSIUM 2018! The conference is happening on November 28-29th at SESC Maio 24.

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