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"Geometry, Practice, and Pattern" (by Juan de Alcega) published in 1589 was one of the fir

"Geometry, Practice, and Pattern" (by Juan de Alcega) published in 1589 was one of the first Pattern books published in Spain. This book is a clear example of the application of mathematics to early technology.

Alcega faced difficulties to publish the book due to the resistances of the medieval guild of tailors, who thought that he was revealing the secrets of his art.

Pattern Digitizer

The author's goal was to provide a resource to journeyman and master tailors to reduce the hassle of knowing how much material they needed to have the client purchase for their garments, and to provide to the tailors a guide to layout the pattern pieces in the most efficient way possible with minimal wastage of fabric material.

The picture below was taken during a visit to a tailor at Greenpoint Open Studios 2018. The tailor was lecturing some visitors about the history of pattern making.

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