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CISMA 2009 Shanghai - new markets for the NShot

N-hega exhibited its NShot digitizing solution at the CISMA Show, from Sept 22nd to the 25th, 2009. The China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories is one of the three biggest shows in the world sewing industry to promote trade cooperation and technology exchange. This year nearly 300 leading overseas brands from the USA, Germany, France, the USA, South Korea, Singapore, Italy, UK, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan displayed the latest products and technologies. N-hega participated and draw attention to the latest NShot version, fast, easy and flexible inovative method to digitize patterns.

About N-hega

N-hega (pronounced “en-hay’-ga”) is a New York-based technology company whose mission is to develop, produce and market superior productivity enhancing systems for the apparel industry. N-hega’s development team consists of leading experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The company has created the NScan, the world’s first automated, high-speed, pattern-piece digitizing system. For additional information about N-hega, please visit our web site at

Contact Information

Phone: +1 212-222-7803

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