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NScan Version 1.80.0 and NShot Version 1.20.0 Released

A new version of the NScan automatic digitizing software has been released. The new version includes several new features to increase efficiency when using the system and improve the user experience when using the system. These features apply to both NScan Version 1.80.0 as well as NShot Version 1.20.0

New Features


The trace path tool allows you to trace any lines on the piece, allowing the user to easily add any internal line, in the rare occasion that they are not automatically detected.


The Piece Label tool allows you to add text labels to a piece or areas of the piece. Click where you want a label on the piece and type in the box. Click outside of the box to finish. Labeling works for all NS files and can be imported into Lectra.


Internal lines can now be connected using straight or smooth lines to form a single line for export. This makes capturing the shape of intricate internal line shapes very easy to accomplish.


The NScan now includes a slit-notch detector, which improves the detection of slit notches drawn on patterns with a pen or marker.


  • AAMA

  • AutoCAD 2000 DXF

  • IMA Genius

  • Investronica 8.2


  • ShoeMaker

  • TIIP


  • Updated NScan software to work with newest Contex scanner firmware (support for the newest Contex scanners).

  • Added an option to set the default notch depth.

  • Added a “film mode” which improves scanner detection of films.

  • When working with arc file formats, there is a new arc smoothing tool that allows the user to create better, more accurate curves.

  • A view menu option has been added to show/hide the grid.

  • There is a new option to adjust the length of the internal line filter, thus giving the user more control with this feature.

  • A new option to disable the detection of external notches.

  • Red tips are now drawn on the end of unconnected lines when in Marker Mode. This will make it easier to find areas that aren’t connected.

  • We have improved the automatic connection of small gaps in Marker mode.

  • There is improved detection of thick internal lines. Our software will now read wide sharpie or pen lines on the pattern pieces with much more accuracy.

  • Enabling the grid no longer automatically turns on the snap to grid feature. The perspective and zoom will stay the same.

  • Notches are now drawn in the proper size.

  • Drawing of graphics in the NScan has been improved for smoother user operation.

About N-hega

N-hega (pronounced “en-hay’-ga”) is a New York-based technology company whose mission is to develop, produce and market superior productivity enhancing systems for the apparel industry. N-hega’s development team consists of leading experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The company has created the NScan, the world’s first automated, high-speed, pattern-piece digitizing system. For additional information about N-hega, please visit our web site at

Contact Information

Phone: +1 212-222-7803

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