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New Product Release: NShot

N-hega has released the NShot automatic digitizing solution.

The NShot consists of a camera suspended from the ceiling, mounted to a table, or attached to a free standing boom. A simple calibration step ensures tht the picture is always precise.

Place multiple pattern pieces on table. With on mouse click the camera shoots a picture adn the Nshot automatically digitizes!

For maximum efficiency, new piecescan be immediately placed on table, while another user operates NShot software.

Digitized pattern automatical appears on the screen. A live window on the sidebar shows the real-time camera view of the table.

Simple tools are provided for editing including: combingin pieces, smoothing lines, mirroring pieces, adding notches, drill holes, seamlines and more. Other options include grading tools, internal lines detection and market mode.

Image retains all information. Never lose any markings.

Interface is user friendly. Takes minutes to learn!

The NScan is compatible with most major CAD systems, including Gerber AccuMark™ 8 and MicroMark™, PDS 2000™, Accumark 7™, Investronica™, Lectra™, Moda01, OptiTex™, PAD System™, Polygon™, and TukaDesign™. In addition, the NScan fully supports DXF/AAMA/ASTM standards. After you are finished digitizing, your patterns are saved to disk or on your network. The files can then easily be opened in your existing software.

About N-hega

N-hega (pronounced “en-hay’-ga”) is a New York-based technology company whose mission is to develop, produce and market superior productivity enhancing systems for the apparel industry. N-hega’s development team consists of leading experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The company has created the NScan, the world’s first automated, high-speed, pattern-piece digitizing system. For additional information about N-hega, please visit our web site at

Contact Information

Phone: +1 212-222-7803

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