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& the NScan Premium Digitizer.

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Technology Forward

end-to-end product development house.


Well known in the Australian industry, Sample Room is an ethically accredited end-to-end product development house in Melbourne, working with hundreds of designers, both experienced and new-comers. Providing pattern making, sampling, digitizing, grading, markers, technical specification, consulting and education, Sample Room prides itself on the team’s efforts servicing the regional industry.

With systems and processes that help to ensure clients get outcomes that are world class and a focus on ethical and sustainable practices, Sample Room is constantly striving for improvement. As one of very few who can offer the full suite of development services in Australia, it would be easy to rest on their laurels, but that goes against their ethos.


Through their constant improvement reviews, there was one glaring process that brought even the most hardened of pattern makers to shiver – their digitizing solution.


Every now and again a client would bring in a pattern that they’ve either had for a while or was created by another pattern maker. Or they would bring in a garment they love the fit of. The process for digitising the pattern or garment in so that it could be worked on was tedious and error prone. It was only for the skill of the pattern makers that the digitized pattern could actually be used. But it took an inordinate amount of time. Time that was better spent value adding for clients.

Industry veteran and Sample Room founder, Julia Van Der Sommen recognised that a new solution was needed, but the alternates available in Australia were essentially the same. Jumping from the fire to the frying pan didn’t seem like a worthwhile move.


Enter the scene, n-hega. A few meetings and a virtual demo with the team in New York, mid-lockdown, and it was evident that the NScan Premium Scanner was the answer.


Now installed, Sample Room’s n-hega NScan Premium Scanner solution is making all the difference. There is now no hesitation when dealing with a manual pattern. The simplicity and accuracy allow the pattern making team to tidy up, grade and make markers in a way that few would have experienced. The efficiency was quick to realize, giving the pattern makers back time to spend with clients and the results have been well received.

Being the only garment development business in Australia with the n-hega NScan Premium Scanner solution puts

Sample Room at the forefront of technology, accuracy and speed when it comes to digitizing patterns, as it is with all

of its other services.

NScan CAD digitizer at Sample Room


N-hega works with companies worldwide, and are always happy to have a professional hub in the caliber of Sample Room use our premium system. The best companies always choose the best systems.

About Nhega: We are a NYC company with clients & partners worldwide. We specialize in intelligent automatic pattern digitizers with a scanner and camera. Our systems are patented in the US (we are the pioneers), and were developed by award winning artificial intelligence NYU professors with a background in manufacturing. We have 20+ years of experience focusing on premium digitizers.

Leather Workshop
NScan Premium
Intelligent CAD digitizer powered by AI

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