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Rag & Bone X NShot Pro

Apparel Manufacturing Technology

Award winning Fashion House

Award winning Fashion Company Rag & Bone uses the NShot-Pro software. They have the Professional Camera set up on the ceiling facing down on their drafting table. When the NShot is not in use, the pattern team uses the table space for pattern making. One of the reasons the company opted for the NShot-Pro system was because it occupies less space and can be easily transportable. Before acquiring the NShot system, Rag & Bone was using a digitizing table. During peak season use (before fashion week), the pattern managers would waste hours digitizing styles that can now be digitized in less than a few minutes with the NShot-Pro. The NShot-Pro can capture the cutline as well as internal drawings automatically in seconds. For a High end company like Rag & Bone, line quality and precision are essential.

Rag and Bone NShot Pro3.png

RaG & Bone


Sample Room

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