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Digitizing custom window shades, blinds, drapery and shutters with the NShot-Pro.

Hunter Douglas glass

One click and your patterns are digitized! Hunter Douglas is now using the NShot-Pro premium camera digitizer. The multinational company is based in the Netherlands and have offices all around the world including in the USA. They make custom window blinds, shades, shutters and drapery.

window treatment specialist guides Hunter Douglas clients thought the whole process of getting their custom made window solution. A measuring and installation team is available to reproduce the patterns and ensure good fit. The NShot-Pro is used during the production and fit phase. After the pattern is created on paper, the template is digitized with the NShot-Pro software with just one click! Following that, a true to size JPEG image is archived, and a DXF vector file is used to create a precise reproduction of the original window. Having the custom templates digitized by the NShot-Pro guarantees quality, speed and flexibility. Adjustments to the patterns can be easily made by using the NShot-Pro software editing tools.


Custom made products means quality. The NShot-Pro complements bespoke businesses on their journey to manufacture one of a kind high caliber products.


Hunter Douglas NShot Camera Digitizer
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custom window digitizer
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