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Woman Cutting Fabric

Contrado UK
is where Art & Design meets manufacturing.

Established experts in manufacturing and fulfilment of lifestyle, fashion, and homewares sold around the world.

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Contrado is a London based company founded in 2002. They are a one stop shop company that

specialises in making quality, custom products on demand. Their service enables creatives to sell art,

build brands, offer unique products, and gives consumers the chance to find exclusive, exceptional quality designer products. Each order is carefully handmade inside their facility, often within 24 hours. Contrado

has a network of 40 websites in 9 languages across 14 territories.

Seeking to improve their already advanced manufacturing room, Contrado purchased the NShot-Pro system to assist their engineering and design team in creating quality products. They were initially attracted by the NShot-Lite portability, but after seeing the extra features and advanced technology that the NShot-Pro has, they decided to opt for the premium camera system envisioning growth and future needs.


The NShot-Pro can automatically digitize any type of 2D pattern, scan fabric, and be used as a CAD for editing and quality control purposes.


Contrado's mission is to facilitate other people's creativity and change the way people buy things by connecting designers and buyers to their manufacturing on demand system. 

Create Product Online ->           They print and make it fast ->         and Ship Directly ->        Hundreds of products to Choose from

Other Case Studies:

IFA Paris | Foundry

New Fashion Tech Lab

2D & 3D Pattern Making, Printing, Body Scanning, 

uses the NScan & NShot
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