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Clothing Store

and the NScan Scanner

digitizer for CAD.



One NScan scanner connects to eight NScan software stations.

Fashion Model

Helping companies bridge the digital manufacturing transformation gap.

Coldwater Creek is an American catalog and online retailer of women’s apparel, accessories and home décor with eight brick-and-mortar stores in the USA. 

Located in Massachusetts, the company technical design team uses the NScan Premium scanner to digitize marker patterns, and also to import and edit DXF files from different vendors. The NScan software is connected directly to a HP printer that is used to print out sample  patterns and markers.

Before the NScan system was implemented, the company was manually correcting paper patterns and sending it back to different vendors and teams by mail. Since the NScan was implemented, it has help the company speed up their sample making process, and also reduce costs by reducing the need to mail physical patterns. The senior Technical Designer that deployed the NScan system at ColdWater Creek, is an experienced TD that has worked at Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren and many other important fashion houses.

ColdWater Creek is owned by Sycamore Partners. Sycamore Partners also owns brands like Talbots, Nine West, Hot Topic, Staples and others.

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