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N-hega Technology: NScan Scanner & NShot Camera automated pattern digitizing software system. NShaker & NEstimate nesting software system.



The industry is being rapidly digitized. We help companies bridge the digital transformation gap with powerful and simple template digitizing solutions.

Manufacturing,   Design & Production


​Simple and Intelligent
Automated Solutions

Technology & Innovation                               Superior. Productive. Easy

N-hega is a New York based technology company (with Partners and Clients worldwide) whose mission is to develop, produce, and market superior productivity enhancing template digitizing systems for the Apparel & Garment, Furniture, Automotive, Glass, Aviation, Medical, Composites, Shoes and related industries.

We specializes in Automatic Pattern Digitizing Systems with a Camera & Scanner. Our goal is to help customers thrive in the workplace by providing automated and tailored solutions.

Our development team consists of leading experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Our founders and Chief Technologists are award winning professors with a degree from MIT and NYU that have together thousands of citations and research papers in the area,


N-hega is a pioneer in automatic digitizing solutions. We hold a patent for both camera and scanner digitizers in the U.S.

N-hega is proud to offer simple solutions to different industries by providing accurate,

flexible and high speed products. 

Leading Organizations worldwide are using our products to increase productivity, reduce costs and ensure accuracy. 

We currently offer three Pattern Digitizing systems: the NScan (premium scanner), the NShot Pro (advanced camera) and the NShot Lite (portable camera). We also offer two Automatic Material Estimates softwares (nesting): the NShaker and the NEstimate. The NScan Scanner is the world's fastest and most accurate Template Digitizing Software System.

Tap into the power of Automatic Digitization with N-hega Digitizers.


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How to Digitize Patterns to

a CAD and CAM system?

Pattern Digitizin best choice for CAD
Muslin Pattern digitizer.jpg


Material Estimates, a big saving

factor for the manufacturing industry.

NShot Lite

Portable & Basic Photo Digitizer.

NScan Premium

High Definition Scanner Pattern Digitizer.

Best Digitizer!

NShot Pro 

Advanced Camera Template Digitizer.

Furniture Upholstery Pattern Digitizer



Apparel Fashion Pattern Digtizer
Automotive Seats Pattern Digitizing System



Metal Glass Template Digitizer for CAD








Fashion Schools Pattern Digitizing Software CAD


Soft Goods Composites Pattern Template Digitizing Software


Soft Goods/
Muslin Pattern digitizer.jpg

NScan & NShot CAD Digitisers for Patterns and Templates are compatible with all major 2D & 3D CAD/CAM systems.

What is

Pattern Digitizing?

Material Estimates, a big saving factor for the manufacturing industry.

Every year Nhega attends different Tradeshows and Conferences to investigate new technologies and connect to Industry Leaders. This May we attended and showcased our patented Automated Pattern Vectorizers at Texprocess Americas in Atlanta.  The show was a success and we were happy to see so many familiar faces and new exciting technologies. See you next Year in Germany!

We are backed by a team of pioneering AI scientists & professors. Learn more about our founder: Davi Geiger

Our pattern digitizing softwares are compatible with all major

CAD & CAM systems. 

DXF, Lectra (MDL & IBA), Accumark (Gerber), Optitex, Assyst, Illustrator, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Rhino, Catia, TUKA, Clo3D, Browzwear, AAMA, ASTM, StyleCAD, PAD, Moda01, ShoeMaker, Baumer, Zund, FK, Gemini, PatternSmith, DraftSight and others.



Other Case Studies:


uses the NScan & NShot

London College of Fashion

uses the NScan & NShot


uses the NScan

with Optitex CAD.


Furniture with the

NShot-Pro & SolidWorks


Aerospace Corporation


Viridian GLASS

XL Template Digitizing with the NShot Pro.

Pattern Digitizing is patented by Nhega

REPORT PATENT INFRINGEMENT:  Our Camera & Scanner digitizers are patented in the US. Please help us

protect our intellectual property rights by reporting any unlawful patent infringement activities to


Pattern digitizer

N-hega Professional Template Digitizers are the first step into the future of Production & Manufacturing.


We help clients navigate digital and industry transformation with professional, tailored and easy to use software solutions.


Technology unlocks productivity gains, and companies find growth in new parts of the value chain.


Balance the art of craftsmanship with the precision afforded by advanced, next-gen technology with the Nhega Automatic Pattern Vectorizing Solutions.

Automatic Pattern Digitization with a Camera or Scanner is a Patented Invention By N-hega Technology. *U.S Patent 7,031,527*


Muslin Pattern digitizer.jpg

Nobody Knows CAD Digitizing like N-hega.

London College of Fashion uses the NScan ad NShot Pattern Digitizers
london college lcf.jpg

London College of Fashion, a leading global provider of fashion education, research and consultancy, has just updated their existing

NScan Digitizing Systems. The college has

been using the N-hega systems since 2004 and was one of the first to see the importance of technology and modernization on the production process of the garment industry.

Kneeling Astronaut


NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory is now using the NScan Premium Scanner System and the NShot Pro Camera Template Software. The department develops robotic and space parts for different missions and projects. 

Urban Outfitter uses te NScan Pattern digitizer with Optitex.

American multinational Urban Outfitters is using the NScan System for their production and sampling room with Optitex CAD. The Technical Designers are veteran NScan users.

N-hega Team at Cisma

N-hega's CTO travelled from New York to Shanghai to attend CISMA. N-hega softwares (NScan scanner and NShot camera) were showcased on booth (E1-M01). 

feltex automotive pattern digitizer.jpg

Feltex Automotive

N-hega in South Africa: Feltex Automotive

Feltex Automotive, a leading supplier of quality automotive acoustic, comfort and trim components in South Africa, is N-hega’s customer. As one of the most important automotive companies in the region, the company is using the NScan to digitize their templates to their automatic cutting system.

Pattern Digitising

N-hega's inventions (NScan and NShot) are revolutionary artificial intelligence products that have innovated  the way digitizing can be done. In an industry where communication between factories is essential, N-hega's products have allowed companies to keep jobs locally by integrating and tightening the connections between the sampling, design and production departments. Do you see the value of our products?

Cigarette Racing Team uses the NSho Camea digitizer

We just got back from Miami after visiting Cigarette Racing Team. The company is considered one of the most iconic brands in high performance boating. Founded by Donald Aronow in 1969, they provide boats specifically geared to their customer bespoke tastes, with models ranging from 38-50’. 

Irvin Automotive uses the NScan Scanner to digitize templates

Irvin Automotive

Irvin Automotive, a leading producer of automotive trim products, is using the NScan System. Strategically located in Michigan, the company has a manufacturing footprint of over 360,000 sq. ft and a Design and Development center of about 15,000 sq. ft. 

Time to Replace your pattern digitizing table

Reasons why Digitizing Tables are Obsolete:

Time to adopt an Automated Digitizing System. Follow us on Linkedin and Facebook for more tips and tricks.

Flexfab NScan Scanner Pattern Digitizer
nasa logo transparent.png
Garment Fashion Pattern Digitizer

Why does Fashion matter to NYC?

Why does Fashion Matter to NYC?

The fashion industry is an important economic engine for New York City: 

  • 9 top fashion companies headquartered here have combined yearly revenue of $31 billion;

  •  Fashion Week’s yearly impact is $733 million;

  • 28% of NYC’s manufacturing jobs are from the apparel industry


Lab IFA.jpeg

IFA Paris tech lab partners with N-hega.

IFA Paris partners with N-hega Technology and other Tech disruptors to launch a revolutionary Fashion Tech Innovation Lab in September. The first of its kind in Paris, the Innovation Lab will enable students, start-ups and businesses to work alongside each other – creating the opportunity for them to make extraordinary leaps in fashion and manufacturing and design innovation

Portable photo digitizer for patterns

The NShot Lite is Freelancers and Independent Designers favorite system! Take the digitizer anywhere. The software self calibrates in seconds.

pattern digitizing digitizer.png

NScan Scanner Software system at Cotta furniture in Europe. For the upholstery industry, precision and flexibility are very important to create thoughtful designs that can functional, aesthetically pleasing and physically comfortable.

PVH Intimates uses the NScan Pattern Dig

PVH Core Intimates Division has just replaced their old template digitizing system with the latest NScan System. The NScan pattern digitizer CAD will assist the Technical Design Team with accurate, precise and fast digitizing of templates and molds.

Automatic & Accurate Pattern Digitizers for the ApparelMarineAutomotiveGlass, LeatherMetalAviation, Medical and Furniture Industries.

Pattern Making Digitizer
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