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Knowledge: What are Rollup Digitizers?

Rollup Digitizer

Rollup Digitizers are manual digitizing systems that utilizes sensing technology. They consist of a flexible tablet that can be rolled up, and a pen or cursor. The rolled-up digitizer hardware is attached to a computer via USB or serial port.

To digitize, users can open the tablet, place the patterns on the mat and use the pen or cursor to trace over the templates. After users re draw the templates on the mat, the physical template is vectorized to the computer.

Rollup digitizers are often inaccurate and error prone due to the manual labor it requires. If either the tablet or pen/cursor breaks, users have to buy a specialized hardware or repair the device.

Roll-up digitizers are obsolete manual digitizing systems.

To accelerate the digitizing process, users can replace Roll-up digitizing systems with automatic scanner and camera based systems. The NScan scanner and NShot camera can digitize up to 5 times faster than a Roll up digitizer. Instead of requiring users to manually trace the templates to create a vector, the NScan and NShot capture the image of the templates and automatically vectorize them in seconds. While using the roll-up digitizer, if the user makes a mistake, they must redo the entire tracing process. Different from the Roll-up digitizer, The NScan and NShot automatic digitizers displays the true to size image of the original template on the software. This way if there is a discrepancy on the vectors, users can easily fix it with the CAD tools provided by the software. 

Portable Solution


Roll up digitizers are portable but require users to spend time digitizing the template manually on the go. The NShot-Lite Camera digitizer is also a portable digitizer, but allows users to automatically digitize the templates on the go without needing to spend time manually retracing the patterns. Simply take a picture of the templates you need to digitize on a special flexible mat and import the images to the computer. The software will extract the images and vectorize the templates in seconds.

Grid Wall
roll up digitizer

Old School Portable Roll-up Digitizer


replacing the roll-up digtizers

New Automatic NShot-Lite Portable Camera Digitizer.

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