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Knowledge: What are CNC Digitizers?

Why should I replace it with an automatic digitizing solution?

CNC Digitizer

CNC Digitizers are digitizing systems that come with a CNC cutting machine. The CNC digitizing system uses a router or an image to vectorize templates. There are two types of CNC digitizing systems:

Router based CNC Digitizers: Attach a touch trigger probe to your CNC machine and use the arm to go around the templates. After the user manually trace the templates with the CNC probe, the drawing vectors will show up on the CNC digitizing software.

Image based CNC Digitizers: Take a picture of your templates with your CNC machine and import the image to the CNC software digitizer. Use a reference line on the image to adjust the size and angle. Select the tracing tool to manually draw the vectors on top of the image.


Both the CNC Probe and CNC image based digitizers utilize of manual methods of digitilization.

To accelerate the digitizing process, users can replace CNC digitizing systems with automatic scanner and camera based systems. The NScan scanner and NShot camera can digitize up to 5 times faster than a CNC digitizer. Instead of requiring users to manually trace the templates to create a vector, the NScan and NShot capture the image of the templates and automatically vectorize them in seconds. If the pattern is beat up, the vectors will also be digitized with imperfections. However, users can use the NScan & NShot CAD tools to smooth out and edit the lines with only a few clicks. The true image of the original template remains on the digitizing software so users can use the image as a reference for any modification they do on the vectorized templates.

CNC Digitizer
CNC Digitizing Machine
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