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 School of FASHION 

NScan + CLO3D + Accumark

Gerber Accumark digitizer + Clo3D digitizer made easy!

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Created by artists for artists, Academy of Art University is a top art school in the heart of San Francisco.

Academy of Art University is the largest private university of art and design in the United States. Located in San Francisco, the school has been preparing students for successful careers in art and design for almost a century. Academy of Art University was ranked one of the top 25 best Fashion Schools around the world by online fashion publication

Here is an Instagram post by Professor Snyder highlighting the different technologies Academy of Fashion students use.

"Students in our Digital 3D pattern making lab have all the latest #fashiontechnology at their finger tips!


Here @alicemichelledesigns scans her pattern using @nhegatechnology , simulates using @itsclo3d and prints the pattern to scale and seam allowance using @gerberaccumarktech @academyu3ddesign"

Pattern Digitizing with the

NScan Premium Scanner

3D Simulation with NScan CLO3D Design Software

Pattern Manipulation and Plotting with

Gerber Accumark

Case Studies Highlights:


uses the NScan & NShot

London College of Fashion

uses the NScan & NShot

Kellwood Apparel

Gerber Accumark

5 NScans & 1 NShot

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