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A great solution only exists with great Project Administrators.

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

A great solution only exists with great project administrators. The NScan and NShot solutions can significantly improve the logistics of your production and manufacturing room. However, in order to maximize the use and advantages of the solutions, companies need to invest in great leadership and implementation teams. Introducing technological advances into an organization requires a willingness to change and also concrete guidelines to help with the transition. Here are some topics to take into account:

- Observe the current job routine.

- Pay attention to tasks that require decision and research.

- Gather feedback from workers regarding mundane and frustrating tasks.

- Analyze how this manufacturing process relates to other areas of the production.

The N-hega systems are super easy to use, but change requires a period of adaptation and sometimes mourning about the old ways. N-hega would like to recognize all the great Project Managers who have helped the thousands of companies we have worked with improve and get to the next level. <3


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