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We are happy to have FutureFoam join our growing list of clients. The company was using an old school pattern digitizing table to digitize their wood and foam templates to Solidworks CAD system. The project was moving slow and inefficiently.  The CAD manager had to spend hours digitizing a style manually by retracing each template. The task was not only about retracing the files but also retouching the lines since they were hand drawn. Now with the adoption of the automatic NShot-Pro, a task that was taking 3 hours is taking less than 5 minutes. With the NShot-Pro the CAD operator can just open the software and from his computer take a picture of multiple patterns that are digitized in seconds.


Technology can be incredible beneficial to companies. The right automated tools helps companies achieve quality and productivity at the same time. 


FutureFoam started in 1958 in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Today  the company has more than 21 facilities for foam production in the US, China and Germany. Their products are 100% recyclable.

How to Digitizer Patterns Automatically
Automatic Digitizer.
Old school Pattern Digitizing Table.
Pattern Digitizing Table.JPG
Replace Pattern Digitizing Table
Solidworks digitizer.JPG
FutureFoam Front Store.JPG
pattern digitizer dxf.JPG

What is a Pattern Digitizing Table?

A pattern digitizing table is a manual digitizing system in which users have to retrace their paper pattern into a CAD/CAM systems using a cursor or pen. The input device uses a electronic tablet to detect movements of the cursor or pen and translate the movements into vectors. Pattern digitizing table is also known as digitizers, graphic tablets & touch tablets.

Pattern Digitizing Software

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